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    I missed this what was talked about?
  2. PVP Server wiped today 12 june 2017

    Nice needed to be done! Thanks Zombie for all your work!
  3. Ban all Kami?

    Hey all, Was just wondering everyone's thoughts on banning the Kami altogether. Of course same rules with getting evidence and such. But just getting sick of getting a good kill after a firefight and then they return only to kami with a pook. There's no skill in it and I believe it needs to be banned. Any thoughts form members/players? Thought this would be a good place to have a civilised discussion. Cheers Shootcity
  4. Hi Shootcity here! Teacher, Streamer, Gamer

    I'm a Primary Teacher, doing casual relief.. Love it best thing I have ever done! Cheers
  5. Hey all, Thought I would take the time to introduce myself. I'm a teacher, streamer and gamer! Been playing ArmA for a couple years now and such. Love the game. I am also a streamer and stream everyday at 6:30pm at www.twitch.tv/shootcity . Looking forward to some action on the TDS ovepoch server guys, I'm usually a friendly player unless shot at or in danger, so feel free to say hello in game or on stream! Cheers for your time Shootcity