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    We ( @[TdS] Marshy and I) have recently made some changes to the website, for starters you may or may not have noticed we have been grouping and moving forums around along with cleaning up the game banners which are being used. Also you can now add tags to your posts which will help find things easier using the search function. Additionally with the latest update, there is a new Leaderboard feature, which can be found on the [TdS] Members menu or by clicking this link More changes are in the works, if you have any suggestions please let us know
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    Lonewolf, out of the regular players that play on the server, majority of them were at the meeting. How many of that 775 have played more that a couple of hours? I can imagine the point of rolling back was so that we could blow all our money and have some fun, which is what we did. And now this wipe presents itself as anew challenge. Everyone that i have talked to is happy with the wipe or is unphased so i dont know who is disappointed with the decision. And as for compensation there is a starter builder pack given to all new players that is more than enough to get started. It seems like you want everything spoon fed to you so that it is too easy. Majority of your suggestions would make the game too easy or too much like PVE. This is a pvp server so you will die and you will get raided. My friends and I are all very excited by the new server and have been having a ball! And once everything has been implemented it will be superior to all other servers imo. Looking forward to the future. And as for the meeting, Zombie did clarify multiple times that the new server will start fresh and mentioned all the changes being made. So you obviously didn't listen hard enough. Enjoy your new server though! Hope it isnt too hard for you xx
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    Hi all, Given we can't have clan tags at the moment in BF1, I thought I'd get in the emblem editor and have a bash at a [TdS] one. The link is here: https://emblem.battlefield.com/nvAQz9DOFx Not a perfect match, but good enough for jazz. Anyone who has more talent, feel free to improve! Cheers
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    well I had my first game of bf1 last night . pretty good fun ! I had 2 rounds & started off with a ping of 45 in the first round but by round 2 it was 999 so had to give up but was fun while it lasted
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    I didn't mean to hijack your thread @[TdS] Ubie, but here's the last few. It lives!! Still need to paint the fan cover, plus a few covers for the motherboard and I'm thinking of doing black slot covers (what are they called?). Since purchasing the Hue+ I found out they do a white one, so if anyone is interested in buying a Hue+ let me know, as I'd really like to get a white one.
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    Just wanted to say it sucks the servers are offline but I completely understand why. From a player's point of view you move where your mates are playing, and if they (or you) choose another server, or start playing a different game, that's the way the cookies crumble. The TdS admin crew have always been professional and it's definitely not their fault that the player population has fallen off. Plus the time of the year, end of year exams for the kiddies, adults going on holiday, or like me, just so so flat out with work we don't get time to play as much. From a server admin point of view (my own as someone who ran DayZ/ARMA 2 Wasteland servers of all flavours for many years), it just doesn't make sense to continue paying for a server if only 3 people use it. I am sure the TdS admin crew definitely appreciated us hardcore fans playing and providing feedback, but the reality is servers cost money. There is a point where it's just not viable to keep paying a company to run an idle server. My thanks to the TdS admins for being awesome and keeping a server running for us for so long and being the professionals you are. I'll still be on the forums, and if a TdS 1.0.6 OverPoch server pops back up with single currency and all that other good stuff, I'll definitely be back. Many good memories playing on TdS OverPoch servers So many base assaults, sieges, stary shenanigans, friendly banter with the asians.
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    SUP LADS. I've had a chat with Jim before and a little bit of talking with Pony on the PvE server. Just thought I'd drop by and say Hi, so HI!!! Umm I'll jump into your Teamspeak when there is issues otherwise I can be on my discord! Cheers boiz/gurlz/anything else! The Parked Bus
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    Yes we had some good times on our servers. A huge thanks to Jim for the long hours in getting the servers going with all the scripts and fixing issues super quick, without him we would of never become number one in Australia. For me one of the best things i got out of our arma 2 servers was Jim , great bloke and someone i call my friend , thanks mate
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    We have setup a Discord server for members and friends to utilize. We are pretty excited about some of the features we can offer for those who wish to use it! If you are not aware of Discord, it is an All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. If you would like more information and download links you can find them here. For [TdS] members who wish to use this service, you MUST link your forum account with Discord to receive permissions for the server. To join or invite friends to our server its as simple as going to http://discord.tdsclan.com.au OR http://tdsclan.com.au/discord which will send you straight to our Discord server. Once there they will need to be granted permissions by an admin unless they are a member of our forums, then they can link their accounts and receive their permissions immediately without the need to wait for an admin. Instructions for linking Forum & Discord accounts can be found here. Forum Integration Along with the Forum/Discord account integration, new topics in relative forums are posted to the relative text channel in Discord, which along with helping keep people up to date with whats going on in the forums, we also hope it will increase forum activity. Channels Currently we have a number of Text & Voice channels setup, we are open to suggestions just let us know! Hopefully in future development of Discord we will have better control of how the channels are organized. Text channels are moderated for language, consider this a warning! All BOT commands are only executed in the #bot-commands channel. MusicBot (Only available for [TdS] members) We are running FredBoat to offer music streaming. To view MusicBot commands can be found HERE. Only available to [TdS] Members Can only be used in Music Room * More to come
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    IMMICK BANNED for Disruptive Play Player Name  IMMICK Date & Time  16-02-2017 16:19 Game  Chernarus Overpoch [TdS] Server  [TdS] Chernarus Overpoch Server Map  Chernarus Offence  Disruptive Play Kicked  Yes Ban Duration  1 Week from Appeal Comments Killed player on pve server , stole gear , sold car and then logged out after being asked
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    We will be changing to safe zone areas and making them smaller ( from 100m to 50 m ) and will be changing the no kill from 800m to 150m , until this has been done all rules are still the same and need to be followed .Rules are there for a reason and need to be followed , if not then a ban will be placed on you . Whether you think its not a big deal , stupid or not its very simple PLEASE DO NOT BREAK OUR SERVER RULES
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    Just wanted to say this Epoch 1.0.6 server is amazing. I especially think the Workshop and the Bomb Crate mission are probably the best things ever invented. It brings a lot of new stuff to do into Epoch. Great stuff.
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    Zombie, Jim and Skippy, I've enjoyed playing on the tds server over the last couple of years on and off, and over the last year exclusivley as there were mostly mature players, good mission setup, and the prefab bases provided a good goal to work toward by grinding for money, which in turn promoted loyalty to the server. Over the last few months I have become busy running my own company, which has limited the amount of time I have been playing recently, but the core group that always seem to be on (reagan, navy, katzbii, jason, clontarf, bigdog, etc) and the chance to get my prefab base back up is the reason I keep coming back when i can. Over the last few months I have just got my bank balance back up to 6.5 mil (on 2 seperate occasions) and the server was wiped before i could get a build request in. This has been a dissapointment each time (as im not able to be on all the time to generate the money, this literaly takes me weeks atm), but I thought i'd wait until the 1.0.6 server started before trying again. For me, as the decision seems to have been under discussion before the new update went live, has provided the most disappontment. As had I known I wouldn't have spent the time over the last month playing for no goals, and the last couple of days identifying bugs on your behalf. Sometimes it's hard to see issues from the inside, but from my outsiders perspective with a long playing history on the server, it seems that the admins don't enjoy playing arma2 epoch like they used to anymore, and that as i lurk on the forums, I have noticed that any critisim is met with a veiled hostility from a couple of your admins. This hostility (or lack of the prior friendly service as there used to be), the lack of admins present on the server playing like they used to (creating and promoting events - like reagan, navy, katzbii and jason have been doing over the last while), and the recent run of server wipes, seem to be the reason that the old players are not returning to the server and new players not sticking around. Also on a side note, the reason I found the server in the first place a couple of years ago was due to karlus bojangles videos, which I think may have been underestimated in promotional terms of how many players that brought to the server (I remember there being high numbers in the evenings and weekends while he was promoting the server). I hope this message is taken in the spirit intended, as I believe was the intention of Jason's offer of help also (as one of constructive criticism, and a genuine effort to help you rethink your decision) as ive really enjoyed most aspects of the way tds is run (as you would notice from my clan recruitment application a few weeks agao) and would like to stick around and get to know everyone better! Kind Regards and Merry Xmas Peter (Tox)
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    On the 17th of December 2016, our TS3 server will be migrated to a new Sydney network featuring lower latencies to major Australian and New Zealand ISPs, improved DDoS protection and improved performance. A short outage of approximately 20-30 minutes is expected during the migration, as servers are shut down, packaged and migrated. [TdS] Management
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    As of late we have had players using our teamspeak whilst playing on other servers , please do not do this is the future as we do not pay for teamspeak so random clowns can use it and not play on our servers . Thanks
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    updated version of the clans battlefield emblem that i created is on this link: https://emblem.battlefield.com/WT7Rpxa3Kx feel free to use it and let me know if it works
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    prefab is what it is , please dont come in here demanding something and threatening us that u will not play until it is fixed , we bust our back sides with the server , so maybe just be thankful that you guys have a great server thats retard free
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    Ok BASE ATTACKING - Once you start attacking a base its 30 minutes from then , so if u attack 1 hour into the server being up then at 1.30 regardless of you what u do , u can not go back at 1.31 and say i was only there for 2 minutes . The time starts from when u first attack then 30 minutes from then . BASE BUILDING - 1. All bases must be registered on forums , PLOT POLE MUST BE ON GROUND AND ONCE PLACED NOT REMOVED 2. NO base is to be built with in 800 m of another base - - UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM THE PLAYER YOU WANT TO BUILT NEXT TO These rules are for all players and are not negotiable , we have done this so players can enjoy them self on our servers . Any question please post or PM me thanks
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    Hey everyone, As many of those that know me know, I am one cocky bastard, and at times, I act like a child with the things I say. This has been pointed out to me by a few people in the past week or so, and I thank them for doing so. I understand that this is NOT what TdS wants, and myself, being a TdS member, am not acting mature, leaving a bad impression on the whole of the group. I don't intend to create havoc here, nor do I pursue criticism as a result of this post, rather, I want a clean slate. This clean slate may be more for me than anyone else, but I choose to consider my actions more prior to opening my once big mouth. With this I would like to apologise to anyone I may have upset, troubled or annoyed. Thank you, Jinglebell.
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    I enjoyed bf4 somewhat (probably would have enjoyed it more if I bought it when it was newer and the community hadn't progressed so much) but the whole thing kind of feels like a drug trip. You're constantly getting positive feedback for doing relatively little and you almost wouldn't notice you got a double-headshot if it didn't come up on screen telling you as much. When I play it I kind of feel like the purpose of the game is just to make sentences pop up on my screen telling me I'm doing good things while a modern day war movie takes place around me haha. I won't deny that I'm sentimental about a lot of older titles I grew up on but there's also been a definite trend to a more add/adhd style of gaming because it's like sugar especially to millennials. So many good games were watered down with instant gratification that ultimately makes them favour relentlessly spammy, hyper-aggressive plays as standard tactics rather than a gameplay choice. eg. in bf2 there were real consequences to holding certain positions on the map whether because they're a chokepoint, a key flag with assets or maybe just a staging flag that would threaten an important position. Squad composition, player gameplay choices and especially decisions made by an SL with risk vs squad-support were huge - that was a meta in itself - and as much as these things are still somewhat present in bf4 they're usually watered down by the lack of consequence.
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    People have it too easy these days, Nothing like spending 4 days to find the parts to fix the only Heli on the map and then take off and crash it cause you get not time to learn how to Fly ahhh the good old days.
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    Hmmm... as a Digital professional with 15 years enterprise CMS experience, and as 7 years as a Digital Solutions Architect, I'm 100% positive it can be done mate...
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    Dealt with, unfortunately we have a player who either doesn't understand or more likely doesn't care for the rules. its not the first time I've had to deal with something from him and had hoped he wasn't coming back
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    Next time don't hold the controller so hard when playing Tony Hawk....
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    He is a list of games we can have with this machine , so please feel free to comment and post what u would like TdS to host in the near future , obviously to arma server will be there https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/game-servers/reseller-dedicated-game-server-hosting.html
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    pig,goat,wombat,dog,kangaroo,wallaby,tawnyfrogmouth,fruitbat,bandicoot,snake,rainbow lorikeet ,cat,noisy minor.mouse & a rat.oh & skip !! your a funny man
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    This is my wall behind me , i collect FIUGURES movie maniac and knifes
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    Just wanted to say hello as I've been using the server for a few weeks now and very impressed by it all. Been playing Dayz and its various mods now for a good few years but always come back to EPOCH. Been a regular on a number of servers ZenithOvmen, AEG, Aussie Pensioners and a few more. Tried my hand at scripting and running a server but became frustrated after a while so much credit to any Admin I tend to only play PVE these days as just got tired of idiots. My time on the server depends on work load but try to get on as often as I can. CYA all around and say hello, I'm very friendly and always willing to help out or share knowledge Pony
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    W1nt3rz BANNED for Admin Abuse Player Name  W1nt3rz Date & Time  25-02-2017 21:56 Game  Teamspeak [TdS] Server  [TdS] Teamspeak Map  [TdS] Teamspeak Offence  Admin Abuse Kicked  Yes Ban Duration  Permanant Comments Came into ts demanding shit , saying i was not a fair admin , mmm bad decision clown
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    Its the only virtual garage script available right now and i thought its better than not having virtual garage at all
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    Hey dd. Ive added money to all ai mission even the smaller ones so you can make money, all loot in the missions are random so there is a chance to get everything in game in any mission its just the odds are less for smaller missions. the link you posted is no good, its for so not compatible with 1.0.6
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    it is fun haha but yeah group spawn needs to be removed u got spawn on plot and so many inner spawns now.cant loot missions unless u wipe everyone in there group within 20 sec so no one can spawn back in and so on. ps love u regan wish u were hero tho i would be -100k plus if u were hahah
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    Hi There, If any of you struggling with the new (3.0) Shadow play like I do here is a good tutorial how to clean install nVidea Drivers and second generation of Shadow play which worked for me really well.
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    You get a 1.0.6 server going with all the bells and whistles , let myself and jim look at it , then we can talk .I will give you till the 2nd Jan to show us something . And just for the record i think it is very disrespectful to even suggest that "you would like other people admining it " , i decide who is admin and who isn't , money with never buy anyone's way into an admin position with TdS while im running the show , so please dont ever disrespect the admin of TdS again as by doing so you disrespect me and i will not tolerate that kind of rubbish talk .Myself and Jimmy have been up till 6 in the morning at times testing shit out on the server and he has busted his ass making our servers great , but no one plays on it , so get me a server that runs all the 1.0.5 on the 1.0.6 patch and then we can talk , until then the server will be shut down on 9th Jan 2017 with much regret
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    The server is still up so they havent lost it yet. if its about money etc i will fund the server to keep it running under the tds name.but i would like other people admining it and i got a guy that can come in and bring out the best of the 1.06 patch with all missions spawning good loot.money back to coins not gold etc.and everything working good.No point throwing in the towel yet on a server that never really got off the ground due to bugs etc.Im sure when everything is sorted out people will come back. have a think about it and let us know
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    [TdS] ArmA 3: Exile Update Notes 19/08/2016 Changelog Added: Roaming AI Added: Territory Spawns Added: Custom welcome messages Added: New status bar Added: Apex Ghillie Suits (NATO & CSAT) to traders Changed: Server restart interval to 4 hours Changed: Maximum view distance in XM8 app to 3000 meters Tweaked: Backpack trader pricing to correspond with capacity Description Roaming AI: Roaming Bandit and Bambi AI (Bambi AI will only attack if threatened) Roaming Bandit and Bambi vehicles (air, land and sea) Loot Crates: Contain various loot and spawn around the map defended by 1-2 Bandit AI Trader Airlines: An AI piloted helicopter that travels between traders landing at each one. Players can enter the helicopter and be flown to the next trader.
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    Ok tonight we made a few changes 1. grass has been removed 2. 2 hour restarts 3.fall damage fixed 4. removed jet , and ural missions not finishing
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    i've been away for about a month going through alot of personal issues trying to find myself and who i am, im making really good progress with family and friends to support me but today i decided to come back to [TdS] and try and get back into my gaming life! i thank each and everyone one of you for making this community what it is today and i'm so proud to be apart of it.. i really missed you guys and i hope to talk to some of you soon! if we havnt talked in ages send me a message and ill say hi! might even jump on TS with ya p.s. love the new layout! its so much easier to navigate now, awesome job guys
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    It seems the upgrade has gone well, Although it took way longer then expected *Couch* 13 hours *cough*. Please if you have any bugs or issues, shoot myself or @negative_energy a PM
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