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[TdS] negative_energy

Survive the Night

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Unique FPS survival game focusing on teamwork, fortification, creativity and strategy. Secure a structure or roam free, the choice is yours...



- All structures are enterable and unique
- Every structure is fortifiable
- Boards, planks and furniture can be used to fortify structures
- Booby traps for structures you've invested time into
- Store your found items in buildings and vehicles
- No uninhabitable spaces


-Extensive item combining and crafting. You can combine household items to create tools or weapons. You can also combine and modify parts for vehicles and equipment.

Weapons, Tools and Machinery
-You'll need certain tools to fortify homes and buildings, certain machinery to power homes or access water supplies. Machinery must be maintained or it will fail. There will be loads of weapons. One thing that we've already had some success working with is using most items as weapons. You'll be hard pressed to find yourself in a situation where you can't defend your life with a weapon of some type. Being able to place window boards quickly and without worrying about powering the structure first could be the difference between life and a very bloody death.

All vehicles are potentially usable. They won't be hard to find but you might have a problem getting them running. We have planned and implemented an extensive parts list for anything on wheels. Vehicles can also be used as mobile camps, carrying all of your goods in their trunks or truck beds. Leaving your fully-stocked car in the wild, unlocked, would be a terrible idea. Removing a part or two should keep it pretty safe. Items can be stored in trunks and truck beds. So, you found a nice pile of old barn wood? That'd be great to use when boarding up all those doors and windows back home. You can't stick ten planks into a backpack, right? But you can fit plenty into the bed of a truck or the trunk of a car. Vehicles will be worth their weight in gold in this world so make sure that you take care of yours.


There will be leader boards, achievements and you can level your character to move up in rank. People like being number one in stuff, right? Survive the most nights to gain server wide rep and level your character to better your skills.
- Leveling up will be old school (do something enough times and you'll get better at it)
- Hunt to improve your trapping abilities
- Shoot to improve your accuracy
- Trap a lot to improve your return rate
- Fortify multiple times to improve your carpentry skills



 How Many Nights Will You Survive?





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