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We ( @[TdS] Marshy and I) have recently made some changes to the website, for starters you may or may not have noticed we have been grouping and moving forums around along with cleaning up the game banners which are being used. Also you can now add tags to your posts which will help find things easier using the search function.

Additionally with the latest update, there is a new Leaderboard feature, which can be found on the [TdS] Members menu or by clicking this link


More changes are in the works, if you have any suggestions please let us know



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Have added teamspeak rules to the [TdS] Servers menu item and am working on reformatting the Epoch server rules with @[TdS] TheCuddlyKoala
Note; The rules have not changed. They are just being updated to bring the formatting inline with the teamspeak rules page to make things look uniform

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