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[TdS] Marshy

[TdS] Epoch 1.0.6 Server

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Tonight we are pleased to announce the opening of our new [TdS] Epoch 1.0.6 server.
After a long and hard process, we have put the finishing touches on the server and are ready to open it to the public.


Some of the server mod's include:

  • Single Currency
  • Banking
  • DayzAI and WAI
  • AI Missions
  • Custom AI Map Edits
  • Custom Barracks 
  • Deploy Bike
  • Safe Zones
  • Workshops
  • Bomb Crates
  • Selectable View Distance
  • Disabled Grass
  • Spawn Select

You will need the latest Epoch 1.0.6, it can be downloaded thu DayZ Launcher
You can read the full Epoch 1.0.6 change log HERE

The new server IP is Port: 2322

We hope to see you ingame soon!


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bitcoin.png - 1FwDGeBvi5gxx1NuFyMDC69EZSSyLrTSdD

ether.png - 0x5012C012466bD1B7d07936E4429b8434bEB75400

litecoin.png - LfUxrFmJD2m6oqmUS8jkuD5nqTRPoCDZzZ


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So to be honest im now really boared because i have very little or nothing to do, So im going to make my 18 slot test server into a die hard epoch namalsk survival server with minimal scripts and emphasis on surviving a harsh wastland and not handing people everything. Good luck and hope to see you in the wilderness 

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We are in the process of updating both servers to, I nearly finished one last night but then during testing found the coins not displaying and garages not working correctly. We will be looking into that tonight and zombie will be making some new splash screens for pvp/pve servers 

Edited by [TdS] Jim
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14 hours ago, [TdS] Jim said:

Both servers now updated to run hope you enjoy


Nice, and thank you 8)

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Just had my first taste of Farm mission, ai was mega aggressive, they had me flanked and shot to pieces in no time. So i was dead. Spawned back right on my body with all my gear but no blood. Movement was very difficult while wounded, slow mo. Left the mission and back to the trader for some blood bags. Blood bagging at the trader resulted in falling uncon. Bag was gone (used) but no blood increase. Unable to logout, after some fiddling, bandage and pressing "W" got him to stand up. 



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