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Enquires for Arma 2 Servers - PLEASE READ

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Ok guys if you have any enquires regarding either of our Arma 2 servers please do 1 or both of these options

1. post a topic in forums and we will get back to you once it has been talk about

2. pm myself and skippy regarding any issues you have with servers

As stated above only pm Zombieman001 and Skippy regarding issues and we will pass issues on to Jimmy and once they are fixed we  will post up the outcome .

Please DO NOT PM Jimmy or poke him in ts regarding issues , they are to only go through me and skip , as Jimmy has other things to do regarding servers and if he is working on something i do not want him disturbed .

We will fixed the most important things first and will do our best to get things fixed sooner rather than later as we always have, so be patient as we all have real life's to deal with but as soon as we can we will get to problems .

Thanks for everyone's understanding as i think the admin team for Arma 2 do a great job in helping and resolving issues in a timely manner

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