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Name is Enormous Im the latest recruit of TdS. Im 19 from a town north of Sydney NSW.

Will be good to get to know the rest of you guys whether that be through the forums, teamspeak or when I slaughter you in DayZ and take all your fatty loot.

I'm into graphic design and video editing. I was a previous DayZ Moderator and then Admin.

Ever see me around don't be scared to hit me up with a howdy.

Feel free to join my list of fanboys by adding me on steam.


- Enormous

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Eastwig" post="33123" timestamp="1461985812"]

Welcome Enormous, some top blokes around here. Have fun.

Maybe you find some top blokes here.... Me, Yes I am one of the aforementioned top blokes.

Mungus using the ACE.... not a top bloke

Mac using smoke and claymores.... also not a top bloke.

Easty when he hasn't had beers..... also not a top bloke.

When CoMpOt uses any gun..... he then turns into not a top bloke...

I mean the list goes on... Wait,

Also when Neg uses a shotgun.... not a top bloke.

There is an exception to this rule...

If all of the people above are on your team..... Then they are the best blokes getting around.



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