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Ban Appeal - Platapussy

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BAN APPEAL for PlatapussyDate: 21-02-2016Time Approx: 22:07[TdS] Server: [TdS] Overpoch ServerMap: ChernarusPlayer Name: PlatapussyReason: Essentially following from traders which isn't a rule and 'apparently' killing within 600mRead Rules: YesAdditional Comments: Hello Mr Admin man

I just read the rules and anything about following from traders and killing is not against them, so i didn't break the rules when it comes to that. The person that i killed was a bloke in a blackhawk who we (me and my mate) saw leaving Stary. He left heading roughly towards Bandit traders (SW) and we decided to engage him. Since he was obviously a bit worried now that 2 armed littlebirds were following him he banked left and headed back to stary. Knowing that soon we would lose our opportunity to kill we shot at him and i got a lucky shot which shot him out of the heli. The location where he was killed by me is 063-082 which is SSE of stary. I just went into Arma 2 and for me that was 690 m away from the trader center. My memory is not perfect so it is possible that i killed within 600m of the traders. I have played on this server for roughly 200 or more hours and have alot of experience with the admins of TDS and they are usually very good so i probably did kill within the 600m threshold for an admin to say that. However, i would have been very close or not in the 600m zone when i killed the player. If i knew that i was killing within the 600m zone around stary i would not have killed or even cared about the blackhawk, killing him was not worth getting perma banned. Just a final thought about what happened, what i did in my opinion and obviously the admins was not right and wasn't very nice or really fun for anyone and i do agree that i should get some kind of penalty such as a 7 day ban or something similar to that but i don't believe that a perma ban is really necessary. Anyways guys sorry for this being so long me and my mates just really wanna get back into dayz and this is the best server for us. I'm happy to talk to anyone on team speak if you have any other questions.


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