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Hi guys just to let you know the new map list is live and up for debate or change as the days and weeks go on.

Map list as follows.

Small Map List

Conquest small Dragon valley

Gunmaster Golmuld railway

Domination Propaganda

Conquest small Zavod

CTF Propaganda

Obliteration Caspian Boarder

Rush Golmud Railway

Carrier Assault Small Lost islands

Conquest Small Operation Metro

GunMaster Zavod

Dom Siege of Shanghai

Obliteration Operation Firestorm

Rush Operation locker

Large Map List

Rush Rogue Transmission

Dom Nasha Strike

GunMaster Golmuld Railway

Oblit  Operation mortar

Squad Death match Dragon Valley

Conquest Large Parcel Storm

Rush Operation locker

Carrier Assault large Lost Islands

Chain Link Pearl Market

Conquest Propaganda

Domination Lumphini Garden

GunMaster Dragon Valley

CTF Caspian Border

I am sure this will be up for debate but at the moment it is a start and all maps can be changed

Regards Macca    Happy Gaming    :laugh:  !TdSb1!

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Fathippy" post="32196" timestamp="1457857907"]

please, please a large armour map CQ: Silk Rd, Golmud Railway or op firestorm.

Spot on Hippy. It needs more conquest, especially the large list

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Yep will sort the Armour map Hippy for sure.

And as for the hardcore night yes for sure.

Lance do you guys have a night in mind for Hardcore ? sort that out with Hippy and Quill and then we can talk about maps ok. cool by me  :D

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Haven't we been through this hardcore discussion before, I think it's a waste of time when our main player base plays normal.

If we want to be different we should put in classic mode

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Yes we have been through this before Sip

And yes I like Hardcore

And yes I think it would be to hard to run 2 different mods on the same server as Yes most of our players like 98% play normal mod.

And we cant afford to be paying out just for a hardcore server unless someone wants to pay for it.

Apart from that I am happy playing hardcore on other servers to be honest.

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I am hesitant to get involved in this issue again but having been asked by the clan management I will, one more time.

Yes I prefer hardcore or even classic mode and there are at least 1 or 2 others who feel the same way.

I also prefer vehicle maps or at least a 50/50 mix of infantry & vehicle maps.

However, I am but one person and considering the resistance to the TDS server going Hardcore I gave up on this issue long ago.

If the majority want to play small, individually focused infantry game modes on the normal setting then so be it, & good on ya's.

Like Macca said, I will play the maps & modes I want to on the servers which provide it. I will continue to jump on the TDS server when the people & maps encourage me to do so.

Personally, I think the normal mode detracts from the game, with both hardcore & classic mode being significantly better, although I do like a mini map.

Anyway, thanks to the clan management of thinking of us hardcore fans, but if this issue continues to upset, annoy and divide the clan then perhaps it is best left buried.

GO  !TdSb1!

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Could we try classic mode? It would be a good compromise between those who want normal and those who prefer hardcore.

For those who don't know what classic is

* health doesn't regenerate without med bags or med packs

* vehicles wont repair without a repair tool

* only spawn on squad leader

* no 3d spotting

* any rounds left in your mag are wasted when reloading

* still has a mini map

* friendly fire off

* no 3rd person vehicle cam

* no killcam

plus it also encourages teamwork just like in BF2. :) :)

What do you think Hippy?

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well i too have been avoiding this issue as most ppl know my feelings on this matter , but i've never played classic mode . if it encourages team play & harks back to the bf2 era then i reckon it would certainly be worth a try 


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I'm happy to try out different modes and see how well the server goes.

If there's enough interest in a change then first give classic a go and see how it runs - maybe put up a vote?

Personally i think normal mode is the best all round mode. You have to practice your aim and recoil control to get those quick kills, and vehicles are not too overpowered. Plus the pro's play on normal mode which has to say something about game play-ability and balance.

As for the old hardcore - BF3 had it right and that's all I used to play, was absolutely mad for it, but much to my disappointment hardcore in BF4 is just no good.

The time to kill is so low it takes away both the skill and fun. Vehicle maps are just horrid especially if you get stuck as infantry which sucks the fun out of a round pretty quick.

I was wrapped when classic mode came out, thought it was going to dominate but it never really took off :(

Agree that the mix of modes needs to be kept up, imo that's why the TdS server was always full for most of 2015. But please keep in mind that at this stage of the games life cycle you wont fill a server if you start out with 4 people on a conquest large.

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