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Decco The Gekko

Ban Appeal - DeccoThe Gekko

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BAN APPEAL for DeccoThe Gekko

Date: 22/12/2015

Time Approx: 19:32

[TdS] Server: [TdS] Overpoch Server

Map: Chernarus

Player Name: DeccoThe Gekko

Reason: Kamikaze?

Read Rules: Yes

Additional Comments: I did not kami on purpose.

They had a m60 shooting at me and I was shooting back with my camel, I pulled up a bit late and crashed into the trees at the back of their base, to which then my plane dropped onto their base wall (already exploded). No one died, no base was destroyed.

I know not to kami a base, as is against the rules and have complained about it myself, so why would I do it. I have also really pulled my head in because I know I have been banned before and I don't want to be perma banned or banned for a week.

I spent 200k on that camel, why would I use it in a kami, when shooting the guns and dropping it's grenades is so much more effective?

This all happened at around 11:40pm when we were assaulting "Miles Matherson's" base, so I don't know as to why I was banned for kami at 7:32pm.

Unless someone else has used my name at this time it wasn't me, the only kind of kami I did last night was at 11:40 ish by accident. Which no one would have been able to tell wether it was me or not, because no one ended up being in the base ( I went threw the open base to look for someone)and the guy must have logged or maybe made another way out of the base i'm not sure, but they wouldn't have seen my name.

I would like to be unbanned because

a) I have ether wrongfully been banned, because I committed no kamikaze at 732pm

b) The kamikaze in Miles Matherson at 11:40 was by accident, as I would not waste a 200k attack plane on a kami

c) Have been mistaken for another person or someone else has used my name

Again, would like this to be sorted out, do really like this server and spent nearly all my time on it, and would be a shame if I was banned for something I didn't do or did on accident.

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All evidence collected - screenshots and video, Plus Admin was at location

time listed on ban was incorrect - Correct time 11:00pm

This is your THIRD appeal for varying offences and you have been warned before

All admin have discussed your case


Ban will be lifted in 7 days



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