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Ban Appeal - keenan

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BAN APPEAL for keenanDate: 12/12/2015Time Approx: 6pm[TdS] Server: [TdS] Overpoch ServerMap: ChernarusPlayer Name: keenanReason: Direspecting clan membersRead Rules: YesAdditional Comments: I had just got home from work and chatting with some guys on side. I was definitely being cheeky but I didnt mean for what I said to be taken as disrespectful, I was unwinding and having a laugh. When I spoke to Zombie as well he said I had an attitude, sorry if it came across that way it wasn't my intention at all. I was just a little taken aback that it came across the way it did.

I do appreciate that you guys are trying to keep a clean server and I know someone has to foot the bill for this. Im genuinely sorry if it seemed like I didnt appreciate the time, effort and money you guys spend on making the server what it is because in the short time Ive been playing epoch Ive enjoyed it a lot.

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