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Better Battlelog (BBLog)

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Better Battlelog (BBLog) is a Browser Add-on for Battlelog. Battlelog is the social network for some shooter games from EA.

Battlelog is a good piece of software but there's always a way to improve things. Our job starts here.

If you're a fan of highly detailed statistics, secret weapons information, cool improvements and all that stuff. That a "normal" user don't have, you really should try out our extension.

We automatically show youtube videos inline, instead of the video links, in Profile / Platoon / Forum. Pure Magic.

One of the biggest parts of BBLog. The extra ordinary weapons data. New and secret weapons data with detailed information about spread, recoil, power, speed, distance... All served in a smooth visual way to easily understand the complex data.

If you don't like the design of Battlelog - No problem. We have built-in theme support with some amazing themes, made by the community. Also, you're able to develop your own themes and publish them to the world.

Well, BBLog is a extension with MOD support. That means you can develop your own plugins for BBLog. Extend it, modify it, share it. Some of the most powerful and brilliant plugins made by the community. Visit our forum to get in touch.

Save your battleports as a PDF file, in your language. Archive the best matches you've ever played.


[source: http://getbblog.com/en?ref=menu]

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