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Battlefield 4 Maps

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Siege of Shanghai


The very first Battlefield 4 map to be revealed, Siege of Shanghai is an urban map, but with plenty of vehicles, both tanks, APCs, attack and transport helicopters. It even has boats (the RCB) and jet skis (the PWC).

Battlefield 4 Siege of Shanghai is a multiplayer map that features an urban environment. As the name suggests, the map is set in the Chinese city of Shanghai. While Siege of Shanghai in Battlefield 4 is set in a city and focuses on infantry combat, there are numerous heavy and light vehicles on the map. The two factions battling are the US and Chinese.

Battlefield 4 Siege of Shanghai layout


Battlefield 4 Siege of Shanghai features 5 capture points, A, B, C, D, E. The central capture point is C, which gives the Battlefield 4 Commander access to more powerful weapons. Initially, the C capture point is a tall tower, however, this can be brought down by explosives from players. The capture point is then turned into rubble, and the whole map is covered in dust.

Conquest Capture points: 5 (A, B, C, D, E):

Siege of Shanghai was the very first Battlefield 4 multiplayer map to be unveiled, and was featured in the alpha test. The Conquest version features 5 capture points, with two points on each side of the river, while the center control point © is the tall tower which can be brought down by shooting the four columns in the front. After the tower falls, the entire map is draped in dust and debris.

Battlefield 4 Siege of Shanghai vehicles

There are several heavy and light Battlefield 4 vehicles available on Siege of Shanghai. These include not only tanks, but attack boats, attack helicopters, and transport helicopters.

  • Tanks: M1 Abrams (x3), Type 99 (x3)
  • APCs: LAV-25 (x1) ZBD-09 (x1)
  • Helicopters: AH-1Z Viper (x1), WZ-10 (x1)
  • Transport helicopters: UH-1Y Venom (x1)
  • Boats: RCB (x1) PWC (x2)
  • Transport vehicles: MRAP (x2) ZFB-05 (x2)

Paracel Storm


Paracel Storm was the second map to be revealed in the series. It’s the first map in the series to really focus on naval warfare, featuring plenty of boats (including the DV-15 attack boats, the RHIB, and others), and it’s also the first map in the series to have truly dynamic weather.

Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm is a multiplayer map set in the South China Sea. Parecel Storm in Battlefield 4 focuses heavily on sea and air combat, and features numerous boats, jets, and helicopters for both teams. Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm also features dynamic weather, where the map starts out in sunny conditions, which can later turn into a tropical storm. The new Levolution feature is also incorporated, where a naval ship steers into land, wrecking havoc on the scenery.

Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm layout


Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm is a sea-based map, with plenty of open waters for a lots of boats. The capture points are scattered across small islands on the map, which feature some light vehicles. Paracel Storm is mainly an air and sea map, and resembles somewhat Wake Island from previous games.

Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm vehicles

Paracel Storm is dominated by sea and air vehicles. The US side starts out on an aircraft carrier with access to helicopters, jets, and boats. The Chinese faction starts out in land, and has access to the same type of vehicles.

  • Jets: F-35 (x2), J-20 (x2)
  • Helicopters: AH-1Z Viper, WZ-10, UH-1Y Huey, Z-9
  • AA: Tunguska, LAV-AD
  • Boats: DV-15 Interceptor (x1), RCB (x1), PWC (x4), RHIB (x2)
  • Transport: MRAP, Vodnik, ZFB-05

Flood Zone


Flood Zone is a map that really takes advantage of the Levolution feature in Battlefield 4. Players can destroy a levy, which will flood the entire map, making some control points only accessible with boats and watercraft. Infantry combat moves from the streets to the building roofs instead.

Battlefield 4 Flood Zone is a multiplayer map that features a destroyable dam/levy, where the entire map is flooded with water. As part of the new Levolution feature, Flood Zone in Battlefield 4 starts out as a regular map, but later changes and puts emphasis on naval combat, as the entire map is covered in water. Players can destroy the levy at any point during the match.

Battlefield 4 Flood Zone layout


Flood Zone is set in a Chinese town that sits next to a large dam. Players can destroy the dam, which floods the map and radically changes the gameplay. Streets are filled with water, making vehicles such as tanks and transport useless. Players will have to jump from building roof to building roof instead. Many of the buildings have accessible rooftops, and once the map is flooded, infantry players can go from rooftop to rooftop.

Battlefield 4 Flood Zone vehicles

The map features a wide selection of land, air, and sea vehicles.

  • Tanks: M1 Abrams (US) Type 99 (CN)
  • APCs: N/A
  • Helicopters: Z-11W, WZ-10 (CN), AH-1Z Viper, UH-1Y Venom (US)
  • Transport: MRAP (US), ZFB-05 (CN), Quad Bike
  • Boats: DV-15 Interceptor, RHIB, PWC

Golmud Railway


Golmud Railway is a vast, open map with tons of vehicles, from jets, to helicopters, to tanks and APCs — Golmud Railway is the classic, big battlefield map for all those who love heavy vehicle combat.

Battlefield 4 Golmud Railway is a large, open map with heavy focus on vehicles — tanks, APCs, jets, helicopters. It’s similar to the Armored Kill maps from the BF3 DLC, where the capture points are spread out with open fields between them. Golmud Railway in Battlefield 4 is based on a real world location in China, and it features plenty of wide open fields and mountains as well. 

Battlefield 4 Golmud Railway layout


The Battlefield 4 Golmud Railway map focuses on vehicle combat, where players have access to almost any vehicle type, with the exception of boats. It’s the biggest map in the game, and has plenty of room for jets to maneuver around. In the Conquest game mode, Golmud Railway features 5 control points, arranged in somewhat linear manner, alongside train tracks. While the map is intended for vehicles, there are plenty of houses, buildings, and other structures where infantry can hide and seek cover. 

Battlefield 4 Golmud Railway vehicles

Golmud Railway is very vehicle heavy and features plenty of tanks and armored vehicles, and jets and attack helicopters as well. 

  • Tanks: M1 Abrams (US) Type 99 (CN)
  • APCs: LAV-25 (US), ZBD-09 (CN)
  • Helicopters: AH-6J Little Bird, Super Huey (US), Z-11W, WZ-10 (CN)
  • Jets: FA-18 Hornet, F-22 Raptor (US), J-20 (CN)

Operation Locker


Operation Locker is a snow covered map with a very linear layout, with the center of the map taking place underground. Its layout is similar to Damavand Peak from BF3. The map centers around an underground complex with plenty of tunnels and passages, where players can lock doors and gates to prevent the enemy from entering a particular section.

Battlefield 4 Operation Locker is a mix of infantry and vehicle map, with a linear layout. The big center of action in Operation Locker is the center control point, which is set in a large complex. On each side of the map are two smaller control points. Most of the action is cramped into the center, which makes for some intense infantry combat. The Battlefield 4 Operation Locker map also offers a different look and feel, since it’s a snow-covered, winter map. 

Battlefield 4 Operation Locker layout


The Battlefield 4 Operation Locker map is a very linear map that resembles Damavand Peak, in that the center of the map takes place underground, with two control points in each side. Most of the combat is centered around the middle control point, with a lot of close quarter combat. The middle is an old facility with lots of tunnels and pathways, where players can lock gates and doors and block the other team off. 

Battlefield 4 Operation Locker vehicles

Golmud Railway is very vehicle heavy and features plenty of tanks and armored vehicles, and jets and attack helicopters as well. 

  • Operation Locker is light on vehicles, in both the Conquest and Rush game modes.

Hainan Resort


Hainan Resort is the other Battlefield 4 map set in a tropical environment (the other being Paracel Storm), however, Hainan Resort has more focus on infantry than Paracel Storm, and revolves around a resort town set on a small island. 

Battlefield 4 Hainan Resort is a map set in a tropical environment, much like Paracel Storm. But unlike that map, Hainan Resort is more infantry-focused. As the art for the map shows, it features a burning oiltanker in the background, which casts some grim clouds over the paradise resort. Most of the map is centered around an island resort / hotel, which includes the B control point in Conquest. 

Battlefield 4 Hainan Resort layout


The Battlefield 4 Hainan Resort multiplayer map takes place at a resort set on a tropical island. The map features mainly infantry combat, but also has light vehicles and boats as well. The control points are scattered around a resort town with both interior and exterior locations. Each team starts out a bit outside of the resort town, where the main capture point is located — on a small island.

Battlefield 4 Hainan Resort vehicles

The map mainly focuses in infantry combat, but it does have some vehicles as well, including scout helicopters and the A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack plane.

  • APCs: LAV-25 (US), ZBD-09 (CN)
  • Helicopters: AH-6J Little Bird (US), Z-11 (CN)
  • Jets: A-10 Thunderbolt (US), SU-25 (RU)
  • Transport: MRAP (US), ZBF-05



Dawnbreaker is another urban map set mostly at night in a large city. While the center of the map is based in the city, there is enough room around to include jets as well.

Battlefield 4 Dawnbreaker is a multiplayer set in the heart of a major urban city. As its name suggests, Dawnbreaker in Battlefield 4 is set at dawn, making it one of the darker maps in the game. It’s the second map that’s set in a mainly urban area, the first being Siege of Shanghai. Operation Dawnbreaker is the only map with a (somewhat) night setting. 

Battlefield 4 Dawnbreaker layout


The Battlefield 4 Dawnbreaker map is an urban map with focus on infantry combat. However, there are still plenty of vehicles available to players, including jets. The map is similar to Siege of Shanghai in its urban setting, but with a much darker look and tone. In Conquest, Dawnbreaker features 5 control points, all of them situated inside the city. 

Battlefield 4 Dawnbreaker vehicles

  • Tanks: M1 Abrams (US) Type 99 (CN)
  • APCs: LAV-25 (US), ZBF-09 (CN)
  • Transport: MRAP (US), ZFB-05 (CN)
  • Jets: F-22 Raptor (US), J-20 (CN), SU-50 (RU)

Lancang Dam


In Lancang Dam, players can destroy a large dam, however, the area is not flooded like in Flood Zone. Lancang Dam has a good balance of vehicle and infantry warfare, like Caspian Border in BF3.

Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam is a multiplayer map based around a large dam in the Lancang area in China. The Lancang Dam map in Battlefield 4 features a mix of vehicle and infantry combat, including naval combat as well. The control points are arranged in a “U” shape around the large dam in the canter of the map. One of the control points is set on a small island, while most of the combat is centered around the control points close to the dam.

Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam layout


The Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam map features both land, air, and sea vehicles, as the main area of the map is surrounded by open waters from a riverside. In the conquest mode, there are 5 different capture — four of them spread across the mainland that surrounds the large dam, and the last one set on a tiny island outside.

Battlefield 4 Lancang Dam vehicles

The map features a wide selection of land, air, and sea vehicles, depending on the game mode and the map size.

  • Tanks: M1 Abrams (US) Type 99 (CN)
  • APCs: N/A
  • Helicopters: Z-11W, WZ-10 (CN), AH-1Z Viper, UH-1Y Venom (US)
  • Jets: F-22 Raptor (US) J-20 (CN)
  • Transport: MRAP (US), ZFB-05 (CN)

Rogue Transmission


Rogue Transmission takes place at an observatory in China, and is centered around the massive satellite dish. Players can move both below and above the dish.

Battlefield 4 Rogue Transmission is a multiplayer map set at a large observatory in China. The Rogue Transmission map in Battlefield 4 allows players to fight both on top of the giant antenna dish itself, and under the dish as well. The main control point in the Conquest mode is located directly underneath the large dish — an area that’s accessible by both infantry and vehicles.

Battlefield 4 Rogue Transmission layout


Rogue Transmission is centered around a giant observatory dish, much like the one at Areceibo. The map features both vehicle and infantry combat areas, and has a large open space for jets and helicopters. The main control point is directly at the center of the large dish, while the remaining control points are based around the edges of the large dish.

Battlefield 4 Rogue Transmission vehicles

The vehicle selection is very balanced, with all types of vehicles represented with the exception of boats. The types of vehicles available depends on the game mode. 

  • Jets: A-10 Thunderbolt (US), SU-25 (RU)
  • Tanks: M1 Abrams (US) Type 99 (CN)
  • APCs: LAV-AD (US), Type 95 AA (CN)
  • Helicopters: Z-11W, WZ-10 (CN), AH-1Z Viper, UH-1Y Venom (US)
  • Transport: MRAP (US), ZFB-05 (CN)

Zavod 311


Zavod 311 takes place at an abandoned Russian tank factory, and is surrounded by forested areas.

Battlefield 4 Zavod 311 is a multiplayer map set in Russia. Zavod 311 in Battlefield 4 takes place at a Russian tank factory, where the gameplay consists of a mix of vehicles and infantry combat. As part of the new Levolution feature, players can detonate a warhead to bring down a massive chimney in the game, which alters the map and gameplay. The large factory in the middle of the map features the deciding control point in Conquest, making it the center stage for some intense fights.

Battlefield 4 Zavod 311 layout


The Battlefield 4 Zavod 311 map offers a good mix between infantry and vehicle combat, and is set in a forested area where the main objective is the large, abandoned factory. The map features warm, autumn colors, giving it some contrast compared to the other maps in the game. The big factory in particular is well suited for the Team Deathmatch and the Squad Deathmatch game modes.

Battlefield 4 Zavod 311 vehicles

Most of the vehicles are ground based, such as tanks, APCs, and fast transport vehicles. The types of vehicles vary based on the game mode and map size used.

  • Tanks: M1 Abrams (US) T-90 (RU)
  • APCs: LAV-25 (US), BMP-2 (RU)
  • Helicopters: N/A
  • Jets: N/A
  • Transport: MRAP (US), Vodnik (RU)


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China Rising Map List:

Altai Range


Battlefield 4 Altai Range overview

The Battlefield 4 Altai Range map is set at a mountain range (hence the name) in China, and resembles somewhat Alborz Mountain from BF3.

Altai Range feature plenty of vehicles of all sorts, including jets, helicopters, tanks, and the new bomber plane. Once a team captures the central control point, the Commander can deploy a bomber jet instead of the AC-130 gunship. The map also includes the new Dirtbike vehicle.

In addition to vehicles, Altai Range in Battlefield 4 is also very popular with snipers, as the map’s great distances and clear visibility make sniping ideal.

Dragon Pass


Battlefield 4 Dragon Pass details

Unlike Guilin Peaks, which focuses mainly on infantry combat, the Battlefield 4 Dragon Pass map is more balanced, featuring both infantry and vehicle gameplay. It features heavy vehicles such as tanks, but with plenty of hiding spots for infantry players as well.

Dragon Pass in Battlefield 4 is set in a swamp-like environment, next to a river. There is plenty of vegetation and cover for infantry, especially for ambushing the enemy. Like other China Rising maps, Dragon Pass features transport helicopters as well.

Guilin Peaks


Battlefield 4 Guilin Peaks details

The Battlefield 4 Guilin Peaks map focuses mainly on helicopter and infantry combat, somewhat similar to the Vietnam expansion (and the war itself). The map features transport and light attack helicopters. The map features a large, central mountain that players can either go straight through, or around. Like other China Rising maps, it features the new Dirtbike vehicle (in addition to the Quad Bike).

One interesting thing about Battlefield 4 Guilin Peaks is the the new Air Superiority mode features helicopters instead of jets. It’s the only map (so far), where the mode is comprised entirely by helicopters.

Silk Road


Battlefield 4 Silk Road details

Silk Road in Battlefield 4 is centered around a military base, which is surrounded by large, open areas. The map is ideal for land-based warfare, and as a result features plenty of Tanks and APCs. Furthermore, the Battlefield 4 Silk Road map features jets and light helicopters as well.

While Silk Road has plenty of vehicle warfare, it’s also suited for infantry combat, especially around the main objective on the map.

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Second Assault Map List:

Operation Metro


Battlefield 4 Operation Metro layout

Operation Metro is an infantry-focused map, where most of the combat takes place in an underground subway system. The BF3 version of the map had 3 control points in the conquest mode, where the Russian team had somewhat of an advantage, as they could get faster to the B control point in the middle.

Operation Metro vehicles

Since Battlefield 4 Operation Metro 2014 is mainly an infantry-combat based map, it does not include any major vehicles. Most of the combat is confined within the underground metro system and train stations.

Operation Firestorm


Battlefield 4 Operation Firestorm layout

Operation Firestorm features a desert location and is set around an oil refinery with pipelines running through most of the map and control points.

Operation Firestorm vehicles

Battlefield 4 Operation Firestorm is a vehicle-heavy map, with several tanks, jets, and helicopters at each team’s disposal.

Gulf Of Oman


Battlefield 4 Gulf of Oman layout

Gulf of Oman 2014 is a large, open map based around vehicle combat. The US faction starts on an aircraft carrier at sea, while the Russians start inland at an airbase. It’s mostly a desert setting, with several structures and a small city which has two of the pivotal control points.

Gulf of Oman vehicles

Battlefield 4 Gulf of Oman 2014 has plenty of vehicles of all sorts. Both teams have access to several tanks, APCs, jets, and helicopters.

Caspian Border


Battlefield 4 Caspian Border layout

The Battlefield 4 Caspian Border 2014 map is set at a fictional border crossing in a heavily forested area. The map pits the US and Russian forces against each other, where most of the control points in the Conquest mode are closely arranged in the middle of the map.

Battlefield 4 Caspian Border vehicles

Vehicles in Capsian Border include both Tanks, APCs, anti-air vehicles, jets and helicopters. It offers one of the most diverse vehicle selection of any map in the game

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Naval Strike Map List:

Lost Islands


Battlefield 4 Lost Islands overview

The Battlefield 4 Lost Islands map is set around finishing villages and centers around a crashed passenger plane. Like all other maps in the series, it’s set in the South China Sea. The map is centered around a crashed airplane, which is on a larger islands, surrounded by many smaller islands. The map features the new hovercraft and several quad bikes around the islands. The plane itself can be destroyed into pieces, where infantry can get inside and get some cover.

Wave Breaker


Battlefield 4 Wave Breaker overview

The Battlefield 4 Wave Breaker is set around a shipping dock facility and rocky islands in the South China sea. It features a blend of land, sea, and air vehicles. Players can infiltrate the submarine base, close the floodgates to prevent boats from entering, they can bring down the docked submarines, and even turn the lights off inside the base.

Operation Morar


Battlefield 4 Operation Mortar overview

The Battlefield 4 Operation Mortar map is based around a cliff-side resort town flanked by water on most sides. It’s somewhat similar to the Hainan resort map. Only Operation Mortar has some interesting settings, including the ruins of an old fort, some old huts, and a cannon on top of the fort, which is fully functioning can can be used to fire at enemies below.

Nansha Strike


Battlefield 4 Nansha Strike overview

The Battlefield 4 Nansha Strike is primarily a naval map, and features the largest stretch of sea ever seen in a Battlefield game. There are plenty of boats and watercraft to take advantage of all the water on the map. The center islands are infantry-dominated — the surrounding control points can be captured by boats and infantry, while the inland control points can only be reached by infantry. The Battlefield 4 Nansha Strike map has a good balance of sea and infantry combat, catering to a wide range of players.

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