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Guest Thommo

How to give members a phonetic nickname in your teamspeak

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Guest Thommo

1. First to make this work cleanly you need to add everyone to your contacts. You do this by right clicking the members name and add as friend.



2. Go to your contact list and change their nickname and phonetic nickname to whatever you like.



3. go to your options in the settings tab and in the notifications settings change your sound pack to text to speech.



All done.

Neg is changing the text file to make it much cleaner. That should be ready soon which im sure he will share with you all lol

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The attached file cleans up some of the things said, I have removed things such as Server Name, since we all know what server we are on, and it was just spamming too much info I already knew.

So to use this file, do the following:

* You will need Administrator rights to do the following

* The location of your Teamspeak 3 Client maybe located elsewhere, ask for help if you cannot find it.

  • Rename your original file located @ c:/program files/teamspeak 3 client/sound/default speech/   from settings.ini to settings_ORIG.ini just so we have a backup if we need it.
  • Copy the attached file settings.ini.DOC to c:/program files/teamspeak 3 client/sound/default speech/, then rename it to settings.ini.
  • Restart Teamspeak 3


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