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[TdS] Servers

We have put in a new $ icon in teamspeak for people who donate to help run the clan and servers , it will added to your name by at ts admin and stay there for 1 month from the date your donated .

I would like to thank everyone who donates to the clan as even a $5.00 donation helps



To donate via our clan bank account details below

Bank Name --Commonwealth Bank


Account Number---10645434

Please leave your BF2 name so we know who the donation was from or if you wish to be anonymous just use anonymous.



For $10.00 a month anyone who wishes to donate  will get

1. your own locked ts channel

2. the power to move normal and guest into there channel

3. a special money icon in teamspeak

4. can assign normal ts membership to there mates but not be able to remove it


All donations go to the running of ts , forums and all servers so please if u can its only $10.00 a month

Once your have donated pm me with what name u would like and password for your new channel  , then we can arrange to meet on ts for a chat just to go through some rules .

If you are given these rights and abuse them they will be removed and ts channel with be removed without warning .