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  1. sector B

    I have the footage from sector B if you'd like
  2. Remove the TWS

    Maybe we could up the price of the TWS double or even triple it, make it the the most expensive
  3. Squad

    I recently purchased Squad as well looking forward to having a jam.
  4. 2 new dayz admins

    Nice to have more support, congrats guys. Peace Instigator-_-
  5. My absence

    I'd just like to say get well soon bud, getting teeth pulled is usually for the best in the long run. Peace, Instigator -_-
  6. Orders for Ingame Prefab

    Tier 1 Pre-Fab, money and location waiting.
  7. Had to share!!

    .gif' alt='!TdS!'>
  8. A little bit about me!

    Jack I have no clue what that means.
  9. A little bit about me!

    Hey everybody, my name is Instigator online but you can all call me Rob if you'd like. I've recently started playing PC and I'm a noob to the Arma 2 mod. Played on a few servers prior to finding TDS and I was hooked after my first few hours of game play. There are plenty of friendly players, admins and the mix of Hero and Bandit missions is a amazing. You'll be seeing myself on the server and Ts quite a bit in the months to come and if you see me in game or on Ts jump in say hi, i'm always good for a conversation. I'm a qualified Carpenter by trade and i'm currently on income insurance payment, proudly sponsored by CFMEU union. I'm undergoing treatment for stage 1 Lymphoma cancer (Non Hodgkin's), 6 Months and I should be back at work and full steam ahead fingers crossed. Already on the road to recovery, so excited just to finish treatment and resume life as per normal. If you get to know me though i'm pretty funny and a laid back sort of guy, I'll be looking forward to hearing and you all around the server and Ts. Ps, I love Skateboarding. If you wanted a conversation starter hehe. Peace, Instigator