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  1. Battlefield 4 Scrim Server Classic

    Had a wee go last night, I like the classic mode and encourage you all to have a go!

    Do you mean, I can hear a hairy hippy eating a hare? Or is it you can hare over from there to here?

    I reckon Silk Rd, Golmud, Firestorm and gulf of Oman are the best CQ vehicle maps, plenty of infantry areas as well.

    All good by me, but I am just me, it cannot hurt to try, what does the clan think?

    I am hesitant to get involved in this issue again but having been asked by the clan management I will, one more time. Yes I prefer hardcore or even classic mode and there are at least 1 or 2 others who feel the same way. I also prefer vehicle maps or at least a 50/50 mix of infantry & vehicle maps. However, I am but one person and considering the resistance to the TDS server going Hardcore I gave up on this issue long ago. If the majority want to play small, individually focused infantry game modes on the normal setting then so be it, & good on ya's. Like Macca said, I will play the maps & modes I want to on the servers which provide it. I will continue to jump on the TDS server when the people & maps encourage me to do so. Personally, I think the normal mode detracts from the game, with both hardcore & classic mode being significantly better, although I do like a mini map. Anyway, thanks to the clan management of thinking of us hardcore fans, but if this issue continues to upset, annoy and divide the clan then perhaps it is best left buried. GO

    please, please a large armour map CQ: Silk Rd, Golmud Railway or op firestorm.
  7. TdS V NSG Scrim

    I'm in.
  8. BF4 Server Shutting Down

    Bugger, I read the private section, it explains why no one was sever on our server.
  9. BF4 server maps and rotation.

    I would like some or all of these. All CQ Silk rd Golmud Gulf of Oman Firestorm. Keep some rush and Oblit maps. I can live with out Gumaster. Give me armor Ta
  10. state of origin for BF4 players

    I'll be there, and thanks again Maca, I know from my scrim days that organizing teams etc can be a headache so good on ya M8!
  11. [TdS] Battle Of The States And Country's BF4 NSW Vs NZ

    ...furthermore, and this isn't personal s Sip just adding to discussion, Regarding the below: Quote from: [TdS] Sip_Fo on September 26, 2015, 11:56:02 PM I think we should set some rules too Battle pickups, claymores, ucav, C4 traps on objectives, artillery truck, and mortar are all weapons that don't require much or any skill and take away from people relying on their accuracy and skill and you can't use them in a real scrim match. The team sizes should be the same too, if one team has an extra player it can make all the difference. If we are going to do this it should be done properly and be an even playing field, otherwise it's no different from playing with random people on any public server. That's my opinion, what does everyone else think? I agree some of the way. Yes there are no ballistics involved in setting C4 or clay mores but perhaps there is some in setting them effectively. I use them to slow down squads who are moving fast and nailing objectives, securing back entrances etc. All the quoted weapons have powerful destructive potential, hence less experience/skill to use. Again, skill comes in using these weapons effectively. To neutralise these weapons you need to employ a counter either through squad work or using the weapons & gadgets in game. ie, flares, lasers, flash-bangs, lights etc vs IR, MAV vs Mortor. Clay-more vs looking. (sorry, couldn't resist it). Anyway, that's my opinion, ta
  12. [TdS] Battle Of The States And Country's BF4 NSW Vs NZ

    BF4 has rules inherent in the game. Apart from those I am not in favor of adding any more. If the weapon or gadget is in the game then I say fair play. There are ways to overcome every weapon and gadget advantage you just have to use them.
  13. state of origin for BF4 players

    All good Maca, NZ had daylight savings today anyway so I would have been up past my bedtime.
  14. [TdS] Battle Of The States And Country's BF4 NSW Vs NZ

    I'll be there, claymores, boots and all.
  15. state of origin for BF4 players

    New Zealand Victorious! Was there any doubt! I had loads of fun, thanks to all those who ran into my clay-mores, LOL. Compot, you glow extra bright through my thermal sights! Thanks Maca for organizing, thanks to the enemy who tried hard but were just outclassed by quality Kiwi's! Glory to the NZ Squad! Glory to TdS!