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  1. Report for Sazz, MagaLampa and co.

    Just wanted to back this up with recording I took of them exploiting a similar bug. I feel this is definitely warning-worthy.
  2. Destructible Doors

    Far too easy to grief. Non-stop complaints about everyone's doors missing. I'm wondering what the reason for wanting to remove doors would be as you can't steal plot poles and smart people put everything in a safe anyway.
  3. Jimmy Barnes aka Gayness

    Player Name Joshua (gayness) Date & Time 12/4/2017 8.22pm Game Chernarus Overpoch [TdS] Server [TdS] Chernarus Overpoch Server Map Chernarus Offence admin abuse Kicked No Ban Duration Never

    Not sure if you've sorted this, but you are being kicked because you are not running the correct ARMA 2 patch. Make sure both ARMA 2 and ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead are not set to use any legacy or beta branches in your Steam settings.If you're using a Launcher, that's out of my control. I have no idea how they work. Player Teleported to Debug On Death/Body Duplication/Duplicate Kill Messages Known issue, need to wait for Infistar to release updated antihack for Epoch Servers not restarting Server provider problem. [FIXED] Missions biased towards one "faction" Caused by server not restarting, affecting the spawning of missions. [FIXED]
  5. Big Hello I am Mentalfreakk :)

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  6. Dayz bases pics

    I love Scorch's. It's the first time I've ever seen someone try to combat the dreaded right-angles.
  7. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    ... I like it.
  8. Melee Hunting Season

    Good times, good times. Two-fer-one! (check out kill message bottom left)
  9. Sup

    Just thought now that I got some [TdS] tags on me I might as well formally introduced myself to the community No doubt the DayZ players will know me already, but for everyone else, hi! I have played a lot of ARMA 2 over the years, including running various game servers/groups of my own, such as Black Market Gaming (OverPoch), The Survivor Diaries (Origins) and a few others. The Survivor Diaries was actually the #1 Australian Origins server for quite a long time which I am proud of. Our group was the first to upload to YouTube an Origins Sector B run-through . I was also Server Administrator for AUSARMA for quite a long time (before it changed ownership and nose-dived hard). Played a ton of Bad Company 2 (wdhq tags) and Desert Combat back in the day. Tried to get into BF3, didn't like it. Didn't even try BF4. Played Titanfall for quite a while until the community died. Which is a shame, Titanfall was a bloody awesome game. Other games I am into at this present moment are Rocket League, Rimworld and Planetside 2 (usually playing alongside the JUGG crew). Outside of gaming I drive/travel as a hobby/past-time. Most weekends I am driving to some obscure place I found on the map. I'll drive 2000km over a weekend for shits and giggles. Professionally, I am what most people call a "Systems Engineer", been doing it for nearly 13 years now. Don't be afraid to say hi if you see me out there on the internets.
  10. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Awww ye! Good work Jimmy!
  11. Australias's #1 Server

    Guess it just goes to reflect what a great job Jim and the crew do in keeping the server smooth and full of great features. Good work TdS DayZ crew
  12. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Night time kills servers. Repeatedly proven fact unfortunately.

    Agreed, the huge safe zone radius doesn't make sense. Good change.
  14. group spawns

    Oh yeah the mini-wars are fun, but Jason brings up a good point, it's impossible to clear a mission if just one person goes and hides behind a tree until his crew comes back.
  15. group spawns

    I've voted leave in, but put a delay on it if possible. So if you die you can't spawn on your group for 5 minutes or something.
  16. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Random cows parachuting across the map.
  17. DAYZ 1.0.6

    Just wanted to say this Epoch 1.0.6 server is amazing. I especially think the Workshop and the Bomb Crate mission are probably the best things ever invented. It brings a lot of new stuff to do into Epoch. Great stuff.

    Hero trader has a few wrong classnames; Mk_48_DZ should be Mk48_DZ UH1H_DZE should be UH1H_DZ (based on the fact the _DZ is the one that's at the Helicopter Landing mission). For the UH1H, you might need to check the server files to make sure only one or the other is present. All Epoch vehicles/classes end in _DZE. All DayZ vehicles end in _DZ. _DZE vehicles generally have bugfixes like not respawning with ammo in them. M240 drops backpack (maybe replace with M240_DZ?) Getting into a vehicle while packing/deploying = teleport to middle of ocean where you will slowly perish.

    Just wanted to say it sucks the servers are offline but I completely understand why. From a player's point of view you move where your mates are playing, and if they (or you) choose another server, or start playing a different game, that's the way the cookies crumble. The TdS admin crew have always been professional and it's definitely not their fault that the player population has fallen off. Plus the time of the year, end of year exams for the kiddies, adults going on holiday, or like me, just so so flat out with work we don't get time to play as much. From a server admin point of view (my own as someone who ran DayZ/ARMA 2 Wasteland servers of all flavours for many years), it just doesn't make sense to continue paying for a server if only 3 people use it. I am sure the TdS admin crew definitely appreciated us hardcore fans playing and providing feedback, but the reality is servers cost money. There is a point where it's just not viable to keep paying a company to run an idle server. My thanks to the TdS admins for being awesome and keeping a server running for us for so long and being the professionals you are. I'll still be on the forums, and if a TdS 1.0.6 OverPoch server pops back up with single currency and all that other good stuff, I'll definitely be back. Many good memories playing on TdS OverPoch servers So many base assaults, sieges, stary shenanigans, friendly banter with the asians.
  20. Wendy/Jason kill cam

    This is the longest shot I remembered to screenshot. Sneaky bastards were sitting there with AS50s camping me as I was building my tower for a week.
  21. DayZ-Epoch/CHANGE LOG 1.0.6

    Seriously though all these changes are sorely needed. So many fixes! Also so many included awesome scripts (like FFV). Can't wait.
  22. Clean Slate

    Everyone's got their own style. Sometimes you just gotta reel it in. Can't say you've made my gaming experiences a negative one, but it's good that you're willing to listen to feedback
  23. The Names FREDDY

    G'day Freddy! Stay away from Gorka Valley. Nothing but death and misery awaits Seriously though welcome to the server, hope you have fun with us
  24. Prank Of The Week

    Ah, the good old bus trick. Loved doing that to the boys back in the day.
  25. Loot at Missions

    I'll be honest and say I haven't done a mission in quite a while. Are the crates no longer full of guns? As for the M2s, they've always been bugged. But right now they are the only real counter to vehicles. Unless the AI get RPGs that despawn when they die, missions would be too easy without them.