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  1. Quake Champions

    hmmm is that real, sounds like UT2004...
  2. Quake Champions

    That looks like it could be a crap load of fun!
  3. Overwatch gameplay

    Here is some Overwatch action of me playing as Tracer. I'm still a massive noob but it's a pretty fun game, come join me for a few rounds http://plays.tv/video/584fb2cc5da77ae619/-snafooey-robsnaf
  4. Overwatch gameplay

    It's official, I am Legendary Very rare to get if you don't know the game. http://plays.tv/video/58a19df23944218597/-snafooey-robsnaf-sirblackspider That one bloke voted for himself....
  5. Website changes

    Good effort boys, keep it up.
  6. Epic Moments Rainbow Six Siege

    Video is private mate
  7. Escape From Tarkov

    What a great trailer, looking forward to this. Thanks for posting Metal
  8. Techanka v Montagne - The stand off

    haha love the reload in his face.
  9. So they ruined my favourite thing about BF1...

    No good Chief Did I hear that right, there's now also more gas?
  10. Some BF1 TDS footage.

    Been meaning to post some BF1 gameplay, here is some TDM action from last night. http://plays.tv/video/584a667b7bc9b21f44/-snafooey-robsnaf
  11. Epic Moments Rainbow Six Siege

    A little bit of ranked, kills only of course http://plays.tv/video/58468ab7a42835f5b4/-snafooey-robsnaf
  12. Battlefield 4 Night?

    I'm up for a BF4 night, will need to re-install though.
  13. Bro like behaviour

    haha funny stuff.
  14. BLINK: A Battlefield 1 Montage

    leet skills mate.
  15. Hunting for a new keyboard

    I have a Razer blackwidow and find the keys are raised a bit too high. The action is good though. Next Keyboard for me will be mechanical with a lower profile set of keys.
  16. Epic Moments Rainbow Six Siege

    A couple more highlights: http://plays.tv/video/5815a9162b5583fba6/-robsnaf-snafooey
  17. BF1 Scout: Martini Master...

    That's the stuff Chief, keep it up mate.
  18. Epic Moments Rainbow Six Siege

    Had a hot first game last night, enjoy. http://plays.tv/video/57ff57f452eac4b6aa/-snafooey-robsnaf
  19. Bf2 Days! Oldies but goodies!

    Holy molly some of that was pretty funny.
  20. Just don't click on her, never gets in my way on both home PC and work laptop. You don't need the 'Search Windows' bar anymore, just hit your windows key or click the icon and start typing.
  21. Epic Moments Rainbow Six Siege

    Here's a couple of rounds from Tuesday night. http://plays.tv/video/57ac3e9a92737c642b/-robsnaf-snafooey
  22. How easy is to hack in R6S?

    Maybe it was Neo ? Check out this sus dude from tonight, he just went bang!