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  1. i'm outa action

    Deadset Phil, we just can't take you anywhere. Heal quickly mate.
  2. TOWNSVILLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice one Phil. Great to meet other .gif' alt='!TdS!'> family.
  3. TOWNSVILLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a good time Phil. You lucky bastard.
  4. Its going to be sad to see it go ...

    Cheers Neg!.
  5. Its going to be sad to see it go ...

    All I need is some help to download the bf2 revive thing or whatever. I was only joking about the pinning the bf2 thing on me. I suppose its hard to tell me laughing as I type stuff hey.
  6. Its going to be sad to see it go ...

    But to answer your question, I think I had a game about 4 weeks ago.
  7. Its going to be sad to see it go ...

    Unfortunately working away from home for 7 months this year hasn't helped me. I haven't download the revive bf2 thing because I don't know how, so I hope you're not pinning the bf2 downfall to me. I love the game and would love to keep playing but I'm sure we'll need more than Phil and me.
  8. Its going to be sad to see it go ...

    :'( :'( :'( !furious3!
  9. BF2 database error?.

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!. Say its not true Neg!. !grr!
  10. BF2 database error?.

    Just tried to log onto the greatest game of all time and it has come up with 'database error, please try again'. Does this mean someone has turned the switch off BF2?. If they have they're got me to deal with, if they haven't well wtf is going on?. >. Someone help me!.
  11. Battlefield 2 & Gamespy Shutdown

    Thanks Kanga.
  12. Battlefield 2 & Gamespy Shutdown

    I'm back baby.
  13. bf2revive

    It was better tonight Phil.
  14. Battlefield 2 & Gamespy Shutdown

    Cool 8)