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  1. lol are u kiddng me, perm for what. meh. see yas tonite.
  2. Ban Appeal - stoned doggio

    hah yeah fair enough. Looks ive been pretty good apart from this, cani come in tonight ? in the spirit of the queen !
  3. Ban Appeal - stoned doggio

    sorry just slipped out. no one was in the server. it was an honest mistake mate
  4. Ban Appeal - stoned doggio

    hey i was just chatting with 1 guy in the server and forgot about the C word rule and got banned. can i get an unban pls.
  5. what did i do this time

    im pretty sure...
  6. what did i do this time

    but u guys specifically said a one month ban. lol.
  7. what did i do this time

    Lol i just worded it poorly. Just asking if my ban is being lifted today ?? its the 17th, hence a month from the ban. i suppose technically you could wait till about 9pm..
  8. what did i do this time

    Shouldnt my ban be removed today ??
  9. Online BF2 set to end May31?

    thats the same news. still not getting my hopes up until we get more than a twitter post.
  10. Online BF2 set to end May31?

  11. Online BF2 set to end May31?

    i wouldnt be so sure.
  12. Online BF2 set to end May31?

    yeahs this sucks ass. Was hoping to never stop playing. You guys should unban people so we can all play before it goes !!
  13. Ban Appeal - stoned doggio

    1 month is a bit rough for a first time accidental offence. hows 3 weeks sound ?
  14. well i dont have a puppy but i have a couple of neighbours cats that you can take and lock up in your dungeon for how ever many years lol