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    .gif' alt='!TdS!'> Throw in a night or 2 of Hardcore.. think this would be good to...
  2. BF4 server maps and rotation.

    .gif' alt='!TdS!'> Was my thoughts to Compot..... Please Neg I will be heading back to work tomorrow morning so catcha all next week...
  3. New Website Theme live!

    .gif' alt='!TdS!'> Yet another remodelling of the site... and again another fantastic job Neg looks great easy on the eyes and easy to navigate... !TdSb1!
  4. [TdS] BF4 Server News

    .gif' alt='!TdS!'> Good job Neg hope to get on this week just got home so some Hardcore might be fun
  5. 3 New Teamspeak Admins

    .gif' alt='!TdS!'> Good work guys.. well diserved and best of luck trying to control that rifraf... :o .gif' alt='!TdS!'>
  6. .gif' alt='!TdS!'> Good job that
  7. .gif' alt='!TdS!'> Nice job ...don't need players like that they don't make the game any better and take all the enjoyment out of it
  8. Defib VS Tank- Anti-Vehicle Assault

    .gif' alt='!TdS!'> Nice .gif' alt='!TdS!'>
  9. can you name them all?

  10. ATT BF4 PLAYERS- Updated server rules

    read and understood
  11. ahoy there

    .gif' alt='!TdS!'> Cool mate will catcha ingame insights and inteamspeak !TdSb1!
  12. Hey everyone im Mentalfreakk

    .gif' alt='!TdS!'> Is that Jeff Vadar :o
  13. Hey everyone im Mentalfreakk

    .gif' alt='!TdS!'> Harsh ......Funny as but Harsh ;D
  14. Battlefield Hardline

    .gif' alt='!TdS!'> My boy is going to check out the Beta 8)
  15. .gif' alt='!TdS!'> Good job Sip .gif' alt='!TdS!'>