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  1. Conan Players - meeting

    ill be there just let me know what time
  2. Haiya all

    welcome bud, good to have you on board
  3. Conan Server - Server Wipe

    Hi all, We have had a few discussions around the EXP rates on the server. When we reduced the Crafting speed with the last update it made EXP very easy to get. After consideration from some players and the admins we are going to change the EXP rates. Reducing them by the rate that we increased the crafting speed. This will mean the crafting speed will remain the same but exp will be slower, Giving you abit more of a challenge. Happy hunting
  4. Bases from the PvE server!!

    This is honestly the best base ive seen you build, its so cute! Small yet effective...
  5. Conan Server Update - Server Wipe

    Hi all, Due to the latest update giving NPC camps claim on land we have had to wipe the server to free up any blocked camps. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  6. [TdS] Epoch 1.0.6 Server

    When do you think this will be up and running jimmy, im too excited
  7. Sup

  8. hello

    Good to see another fisherman joining the clan
  9. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Ok, Controversial topic as it plays a major part of the servers current gameplay. I personally feel they there are too many spawn points. It is nearly impossible to have a strategic battle, whether it is at a mission or at a base. I'm proposing 2 different options to resolve this, with my preferred being the first but would love to hear everyone's opinions. 1 - Keep Plot Pole spawn, and Spawn on group - Change all other spawns to outer reaches of the map. (coast spawns and 1-2 north/west spawns) 2 - Keep Plot pole spawn, and Spawn on group - Remove all spawns except coast spawns Please don't put the idea down, think about how we can fix the problem,. Make people think twice before running into a fight guns blazing knowing they can spawn back 600m from where they died with a spawn kit Put your ideas forward and lets see how we can improve gameplay. EDIT: Would also like to add, after a prolonged battle, there are that many zombies, dead bodies and ruined vehicles, it lags like crazy. The above solutions would resolve this or atleast help
  10. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Would like to suggest increasing build limit from 450 to 600. was only a matter of time before i asked jimmy boi and zombieman008
  11. g'day u lot

    I have an old PC (still pretty current) ill have a chat to mike and see if he is alright with me giving it away.
  12. Singapore F1

    Few pics of the Ferrari crash at day 1.

    Its a very big issue on Epoch and Overpoch servers, due to lag and desync caused by missions, cars, players, dead bodies/zombies etc. A restart cleans the whole server of that kind of stuff. It is definitely something we have been discussing, were focused on getting the server stable and enjoyable. Will have a chat with all the admins tonight and get back to you.
  14. Happy Father Day

  15. Dayz server -new provider

    Its a game, that runs like a dog.... anything to help the game run better is a good thing....
  16. Dayz server -new provider

    Virtual garage gets rid of vehicles off the map.... makes them actually spawn in game and reduces lag... whats not to love
  17. 1300 meter shot on Joker

    Nice shot bro
  18. Desperate fix for DayZ gun fight

    classic stitch up

    For anyone who cares to see, picked up the new car today Mercedes C63s Coupe' 4.0L Bi-Turbo V8 510Bhp 516lb ft Torque 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds Can't beat that V8 sound

    Hey Glenno, Yes brisbane mercedes but we deal with Ben from the AMG department. They split the dealership in 2 parts about 3 years ago
  21. How Many People Have Arma 3?

    Bought them both last night
  22. arma 3 map

    https://www.bistudio.com/monetization So we could have cosmetic donations perks, like cool skins for vehicles etc granted not going to make as much $ as spawn kits, but still $ is $
  23. arma 3 map

    There are quite a few forum topics talking about Tanoa and people being concerned about the vegetation, apparently it should run better then cherno because Buildings and land cause more lag etc then the jungle terrain and water. As for buying the expansion - Arma 3 you can sell building kits and spawn kits correct? if so, maybe we could look at a way to purchasing expansions for TdS members from that... (after covering all server/ts/forums costs.