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  1. arma 3 getting started how to install mods etc

    cheers psycho !
  2. arma 3 getting started how to install mods etc

    hey guys so recently i just arma 3. now i tried installing these "mods" through aramaholic.com following youtube instructions. but its really getting confusing. compared to arma 2 the whole process is much more frustrating. if anyone is able to help simplify and spoon feed me this info it would be a great help lads. how to install mods for multiplayer maps eg. ( atlis life rpg, epoch, (other recommendations)). what sofware to use and manage all this arma 3 stuff. referring back to (dayz commander )
  3. Ezi have you been doing some Decking

    hahaha. thats one hell of a DECK!!
  4. Hello, Mah Pretties

    welcome mate hope to see you in bf4
  5. The Final Stand

    i swear new sniper is op i mean railgun ahah.
  6. trader menu bug ?

    cheers lads and crazy, tried they all have really technical gibberish i cant be bothered doing ill try increasing my resolution thanks tox.
  7. trader menu bug ?

    my trader menu is cut off i cant see half of the words is there a easy solution for this its just annoying
  8. Listen here (BF4)

    HAHA! im pretty sure he wants to have a go at me xD
  9. Weapon selection #3: M16A4 - 3 round burst carnage

    awesome vid keep it up mate
  10. First gameplay footage from Dragon's Teeth expansion

    nice cant wait
  11. New Battlefield 4 maps

    from what i know Me (spit) , Metal , sipfo have premium and the two dlcs i think .
  12. [TdS] Competition

  13. an interesting Tip

    now where be that megalodon XD, but awsome !
  14. dayz trader menu bug

    hey guys so i recently noticed that my trader menu is bugged in some way i can only see the top of the words buy and sell instead of seeing the whole word . so basically just the top of an S and a B and when i click on it it wont let me sell does anyone know how to fix it. will send pic when im on tonight