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    Old grumpy smartarse dog is back. . .love to game sometime, but have to figure out what and how to play again! BF2 anyone!
  2. FoEzIes

    He's fine. . . .dies easy enough.
  3. yo!

    Love your work LandaXe. BTW - Nothen' sus about my gaming. . . . .just point and shoot and hope for the best.
  4. Battlefield 2 Server Closing Down

    Then why the decision to remove a relatively popular server without "knowing" . . . . . I am actually with ant on this one. Anyway, matters not really in the end, as the decision maker has made up his mind. BC
  5. BF2 server **** PLEASE READ****

    If BF4 turns out to be another piss poor game (ie BF3), then I'll happily turn back to BF2. But I am an extremely infrequent gamer of late. . . . BC
  6. No bling. . . .just a great enjoyable team game to play! Bloody rusty though!
  7. Bf2 Server

  8. hope to be back soon

    Hey bro from the OTHER Australian state. Look after yourself eh!
  9. Hello all!

    All good . . . . .Hop doesn't do much laughing either!
  10. Hello all!

    I having been playing this game for a few years and have yet to master (or even try) the crouch shoot businesses . . . . I like the stand and deliver approach - particularly with the AK's and standard shotgun. Matze is probably the best all rounder I have come across in a while, he seems to like the same guns as me. . . . .but he's a far better shot. *prick* AGAIN, do not listen to Skud and leave my tank alone!
  11. Hello all!

    Do not follow Neg around. . . .he'll just show you how to use that pea shooter he calls a Shotgun (he also does thing dolphin diving bunny hope thing - I am busy laughing and by the time I re-cooperate; I am dead); he also drops things in unusual places! Do not listen to a word Skud says . . . . he's South Australian after all Although, he's right about one thing, the squad based stuff in BF2 is what makes the game (if I am ever NOT in a squad . . . . .well it usually means I am grumpy and feel I can "save the world" all by myself).
  12. Hello all!

    Good skills for someone who's only played it for 6 weeks. Enjoy the server and jump on TS. BC
  13. He's talking to you again Neg!
  14. Add and remove map (change wake)

    Because he knows what he's talking about. . . . . He also does it in a diplomatic manner!
  15. I actually agree with Skud, he makes sense and he pointed out a few things in a very diplomatic way.
  16. spawn rapping

    It's very simple fellas. . . .work as a team and just shoot the chopper down! *end of discussion*
  17. [TdS] BF2 Server Downtime

    Job Neg . . . frustrating times I'd imagine eh?!
  18. I suggest you get a new puter'. . . .
  19. I go about 150 on my property. . .but I need a Kiwi to travel here and "crutch" em' pls! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crutching
  20. Bring it . . .

    Being a Farm Boy . . . . C D D C B
  21. Thanks Scud. . . Atl Tab crashes the game! Love my OS atm. . . .
  22. Good call Skud. . . I am one of those players with a quick spawn/load time, 4-5 secs. Anyone know how to reduce/adjust this? I always have to load map twice as I load faster than the server and drop out to the main/load screen. . . . .
  23. suggested map list, and rule change.

    I have zero problems (will often do) switch from a winning side . . . . . but I find it very rare for a pilot based player to do so.
  24. Need Game Files

    I would indeed like to get into this game. . . BUT I need the install games from someones (anyone) steam folder. I am on 3G. . . .the files are 16gig. That's roughly $300 for a game. Anyone love me. . . or pretend to love me?! BC