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  1. Still dont know why i am banned?

    Will do mate, Thanks for compramising
  2. I didn't even know the rules(which I should have read which is my mistake)but someone was being a absoloute tool and the c word slipped out. Please just give me one chance and I wouldn't let any of the team dedicated soldiers down. Have a look at my other records I have not been banned from any other server because I am not like those people who team kill or compulsive swearing I just like playing competitive gaming. regards j jauzy
  3. Dont know why i am banned?

    Im very sorry so does that mean that my ban is not getting overturned
  4. Dont know why i am banned?

    I think it was Jauzy mate
  5. I only just started playing BF2 and I went into the Team Dedicated soldiers server and was playing it and then I got banned for something that I didn't even no what I did and if I did something wrong I am very sorry and would just like to be able to play on the server because I know its a great clan and loads of people have recommended it, so if you will take this into consideration it would much appreciated Regards, Jarred