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  1. increased slots on bf2

  2. Battlefield 2 Server Closing Down

    keep the server! haha. i aint had time for bf2 in ages and was thinking of getting back in to it. but with no tds server... there is no point in living! haha
  3. Verdict on Map Rotation

    hey guys, i havent been on too much lately, just every now and then. was wondering what the verdict was on the map rotation we were all discussing a little while back, did you find what seemed to get the most people on? it seems like you did as the server had been getting quite full lately.always have a blast with everyone on karkand as that brings in great teamwork! peace.
  4. Verdict on Map Rotation

    yeah justhvnfun knows what hes talking about. weve all been trying to get the rotation right for ages but it seems to be slowly moulding to something perfect.
  5. Still dont know why i am banned?

    let him play! if he stuffs up again send him packing
  6. bf2 rotation

    i would run inf maps with vehicles constantly, no air maps. everyone seems to like these: sharqi, jalalabad, blue pearl, karkand, mashtuur

    hey guys, when i try and join or start a game bf2 just stays on 0%. anyone had this problem before?
  8. Bf2 Server

    ok the gulf of oman map definately needs to be 32 player inf only, as the 16 player size turned in to a spawn kill fest last night.
  9. Bf2 Server Banned players ****PLEASE READ*****

    hope this breathes a bit more life in to the game! fingers crossed the unbanned players dont waste their second chance!!! nice work zombie
  10. Bf2 Server

    yeah dragon 32p looks better than 16
  11. Bf2 Server

    good idea merc, might bring a lot of previously banned players back who will probably have learnt their lesson by now, if not they can easily be banned again personally i think the inf based maps (mashtuur, jalalabad) should NOT be set to 16 players. the inf based maps on 32 or even maybe 64 size really encourages squad play which is what everyone is looking for. with the 16 player maps it does become a bit more of a deathmatch game, but a little bit of squad work can still be used. i think the ONLY maps that should be set as low as 16 players are the air maps which basically turn in to inf maps when they are down to 16 players (like you said kubra dam is one). but we have to make sure only the maps that are FUN as 16 player maps should be added to the rotation. for example i think gulf of oman is a great 16 map, because you can get a little bit of squad work going. so all in all my two cents are that the rotation could alternate between a 32p inf map and a 16p air map. and vehicles should definitely be left on for all maps me thinks....
  12. Bf2 Server

    if i could just put in my two cents again. how about we keep vehicles on, and just rotate inf based maps such as: sharqi karkand jalalabad songhua stalemate mashtuur city great wall operation blue pearl and then perhaps smaller air maps which will bring in some choppers i.e. dalian plant 16 player and then some small maps which are usually flyboy maps: i.e.dragon valley - 16
  13. Bf2 Server

    i think what kanga suggested is a great idea, alternating inf only maps with ground vehicle maps. can you set the server up to alternate between inf only and vehicles? i think that gulf of oman went very well as a 32 player inf only map. loads of awesome squad work. i think the thing with the inf only maps is that you dont want to make them too small, as it turns in to more of a death match with no squad work. for example TEA runs gulf of oman inf only as a 16 size which is just to small. it seems that alot of people are very positive about the rotation you are playing with at the moment, and the squad play is superb and i really enjoyed myself last night. if i could suggest a rotation (based on everyones interest in inf/land vehicle maps) it would be something along the lines of: road to jalalabad - 32 gulf of oman - 32 inf only mashtuur city - 32 sharqi peninsula - 32 great wall - 16 inf only strike at karkand - 32 songhua stalemate - 32 inf only operation blue pearl - 32 dalian plant - 16 just a suggestion. anyway, hope to see everyone on again tonight!
  14. Bf2 Server

    why not just have all the maps as large inf maps with vehicles on. such as karkand, road to jalalabad etc. this way you have all the ground transport aswell. i think that would appeal to more people as it is very similar to what you are running now with the addition of a few tanks and humvees.
  15. Bf2 Server

    do you mean pure inf (no vehicles) or just using inf maps (with vehicles). i personally think it is alot better with vehicles, so would rather inf maps with vehicles as the vehicles add a lot to the game.
  16. BF2 Map Rotation

    Hey I just wanted to make a comment on the current map rotation for BF2. It seems a lot of players are leaving the server when it comes to the larger air maps. for example last night there were about 20 or so people when sharqi was up, but when it went over to dragon valley withing 5 minutes or so there were only about 10 on there as quite a few left, including myself. i was thinking it might work better to have a ratio of 2:1 inf:air maps (or something similar) and make the air maps smaller. could also make it so that only a couple of the maps include jets e.g. 1 or 2 out of the 8 maps are 64 players and have jets, and the other maps that are currently air (64 size) could be reduced to 32 and still be air maps but use choppers as the main air vehicle. just my two cents from my experiences on the server. im sure there will be a few players and clan members that will completely disagree with my comments but they are probably the ones who are left on the server when it changes to an air map and im sure you can agree it gets pretty sucky when you get under 10 players! cheers!
  17. BF2 Map Rotation

    damn i wasnt on last night! ill see you guys online tonight though for sure!
  18. BF2 Map Rotation

    Hey kanga sure ill give an idea of what i think would be better suited to the crowd we get on now. BTW last night the TEA server was full on inf maps! was good fun so heres my basic idea, obviously everyone should analyse it and maybe it would be better in a different order or replace ceertain maps with other ones but here we go: Road to Jalalabad – 32 ----INF Mashtuur city – 32 – INF Gulf of Oman -32- AIR Sharqi Peninsula – 32 –INF Great Wall –32 – INF Dalian Plant – 64 – AIR Strike at Karkand -32 – INF Dragon Valley – 64 - AIR Songhua Stalemate – 32 – INF Daqing Oilfields – 64 AIR Operation blue pearl – 32 – INF Zatar Wetlands – 32 – AIR the concept i used for this rotation is to try and go for a few more inf maps than air maps. a couple of the air maps have been reduced down to 32 size (gulf of oman, zatar wetlands) so that if the server is not as full players can still utilise them as a bit of an inf map, and they would provide for both inf lovers and flyboys. I have also tried to arrange it so that the INF maps alternate between single (karkand) and double (mashtuur)uncaps for a more all round game. anyway lemme know what you think. im obviously not telling you guys how to run your server, just giving my opinion from what ive seen on the server and what i think will keep the numbers up. these are difficult times with the appearance of bf3 lets hope we can keep peopel loyal to bf2 haha! cheers guys SaD
  19. BF2 Map Rotation

    hard to tough it out when no one is on but fair enough. in all honesty i have NEVER experienced a reduction in players when the map goes over to inf from air, it always seems to be the other way round (whenever im on anyway). to me it seems that a lot of the players that are now staying on bf2 (rather than bf3) are looking for squad based teamwork action which is a lot funner in the smaller inf maps jalalabad/karkand/mashtuur. dont get me wrong i enjoy the air maps to but only when there are enough numbers... because people just leave if the numbers are to few for the larger maps. anyway thats just my opinion. all i want is for the server to keep running strongly, as the only game i play is bf2 so if the tds server isnt up and full with people all i can do is sit and twiddle my thumbs plus its difficult when alot of people are going over to bf3! cheers! SaD
  20. BF2 Map Rotation

    nah it didnt get restarted. the map just changed and then people started leaving because the map was a bit to large for 20 people the air maps would be great if there were 30+ people on but we dont really seem to get those numbers often unfortunately...