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  1. Online BF2 set to end May31?

    Cautiously positive update on this topic: Someone supposedly connected to Origin, via twit: Hm.. Counting no chickens just yet
  2. Online BF2 set to end May31?

    Definitely not looking promising, no. If you can forgive the diplomatic rhetoric in my previous; There is ofc currently no method of logging into BF2 online without accessing an account held at GameSpy. Not to be confused with installation of the "GameSpy Arcade" GUI which included such extraneous features as "Comrade" etc. Simply connecting to a battle hosted on your remote mate's PC requires GameSpy (outside a vLAN setup). To be sure, line 624 from your default english.utxt file reads: There has been second-hand claims and rumblings for several weeks about the demise of BF2 by 2014 end, but as with all gaming lore, it's taken with a grain of salt until a firm date is announced. The decision by GameSpy is out of EA's grubby littlebig hands but, as with other publishers using the GS service, they could choose to migrate it's functionality to another account system. If it were almost any other company, there might have been some light at the end of that tunnel. Our conundrum requires EA to lift a finger.. hmm, k. Are they still selling sufficient copies/keys to motivate them on this issue? Hard to imagine so. Further, any 3rd-party organisation capable &/or willing to undertake the task may be thwarted by legalistic dogsh!ttery which probably rules-out such miracles as a 'Steam intervention' etc. As though to polish the nails in the coffin, Battlefield 2 is one of the only major games not listed as supported by the allegedly awesome but apparently not-awesome-enough 'GameRanger' networking program used by multiplayers elsewheres. Other VPN style solutions remain possible (read: Hamachi, OpenVPN etc), but iirc mostly a forgettable, very-high-ping experience. More info on what GameSpy ..was: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamespy ----------------------------------- inb4 6 wks of frenzying fanatics
  3. Online BF2 set to end May31?

    That's odd.. I've never heard of anyone logging-in without a GameSpy nick/account. Assuming for a moment it is possible to do so, can a knowledgable person describe the procedure for us?
  4. Online BF2 set to end May31?

    Online multiplayer games using GameSpy services are set to have the plug pulled at the end of next month according to gameinformer: Link to article Doesn't look good. Grab your souvenirs/memorabilia/screenshots while u still can.