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  1. hey guys im sorry i gave this guy a plus 1, he came across as a clean, easy-going player the other day, i was hoping to see other clan members give him a +1 so my endorsement would not have been the only one. Anyway i was not there to witness what he did, and i trust your judgement as you do a fine job keeping the real baddies out of servers. I hope he has caused no serious grief for any clan member, and i appologise if so. take care guys
  2. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

    Zombie, Neg, and Marshy, plus all the wonderful TDS clan, thank you for your Christmas wishes, and fun gaming (i wish i had more time for more TDS comradery). I hope all of our extended TDS family have a safe and awesome Christmas. Wishing each and every TDS member a happy and prosperous new year. fond regards, .gif' alt='!TdS!'> amok_bris
  3. state of origin for BF4 players

    hey guys i signed up to play, but today has been exhausting. the bus depot i work at has been broken in to, i was first on site this morning at 4:45am, discovered vandalised offices and coaches. i been dealing with the police, and management all day, plus my normal duties of a charter run. please forgive my absence in this fine game tonight. im just mentally exhausted after today. Little shits have been caught tho, they were doing a little spree in our industrial estate, so some good news. GO QLD !!!!!
  4. state of origin for BF4 players

    QUEENSLANDER ! Sounds like fun ! please count me in
  5. hey guys

    Hi TDS family - sorry i been AWOL for a while - life has had a few more down's for me than up's, but leveling out now, and i got things on track for a good life improvement from August on in. Hope you guys have been well, and enjoying some great gaming and lots of laughs ! Looking forward to catching up with you around the servers. Kind Regards, Marcus
  6. New [TdS] Logo!

    sweet animation
  7. battlelog

    all their anti-piracy hysteria has led to this battle-log rubbish. bring back the old games method. a game was a game. not game + origin + battlelog and 1 of those 3 fail - you dont play. i think i'll give EA the flick from here, i've had enough of this being last priority. i vote with my wallet. in fact i've avoided Sim City latest version for similar reason (they are still asking full price for this now older game) - their shameless behavior and their adds getting in your face and even interrupting the BF3 game to try to sell you something. EA have no limits to where the bottom of the barrel is. I am disgusted at them.
  8. battlelog

    down again - this happens a lot. this is very poor and inconsistent service on EA's side.
  9. whos interested

    a bit shyer of giving my money to EA these days, as they seem to be all about the $$, and the game is second or third on their agenda. See how the take-up and feedback is, im gonna sit on the fence with this one till i hear more from paying customers
  10. battlelog

    seems to have accepted a password finally after about 8 tries. sheesh
  11. battlelog

    anyone else have battlelog 'forget' your password, so you go to enter it - and nothing is acceptable. ive reset my password, and i still cant log in
  12. Battlefield 4 Pre Order. And 17 min Gameplay

    and again with distorted audio in an attempt to sound 'overdriven'. otherwise looks slightly more polished than BF3
  13. Bf3 server

    Hey guys - good to see your BF3 server back. Good to play alongside some decent gamers, and as always - have a damn good time with you guys. Good to share a laugh to, this is what gaming is all about to me. You have my support financially, and i always recommend this server to newbies plus good gamers who are tired of pub servers. Keep up the good work