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  1. Bug,Glitch,Strange

    weird things on the lingor server.
  2. Bells and Pooks

    By adding a restriction it won't remove your capability to kami it will just mean that it will take you longer to kami a mission that you died at from being outgunned or outclassed or you just stuffed up whatever the case may be coming back with a kami is just a low move. So if you add a limiter instead of removing it completely (for instance seaside spawn but keep the bell-pook parts) that would stop mission kaming quiet drastically but might also affect other things hence why this is a discussion trying to find the best solution. Anyone and Everyone please join in on this discussion.
  3. Bells and Pooks

    Yes so do i Jinglebell, I just think that adding a little restriction so they can't just wipe out the black hawk or Humvee because they got shot at the mission would make it a lot more fun because once that vehicle is gone there is nothing left to fight over. I'm on the middle of the fence here i like the fact that i can get from a to b quickly with the bell or pook if i die, but completing a mission just to have someone who you shot 10seconds earlier bell it up and destroy the objective takes the fun away plus the struggle and pvp thus reducing the incentive to play on some people just leave and go back to base, watch a video or something else, i myself press on and just go do another mission but it does make me wonder if it is even worth it trying to a do a vehicle mission.
  4. Bells and Pooks

    Too many people kamikaze missions, driving vehicles or expensive helicopters. I find that people freshly spawning in with parts allowing them to come back to a mission 2ks away within 20seconds to kamikaze the missions vehicle or you is just absurd. Now i could put up with it as long as you had to go to a trader city to buy the parts that would give people a little bit of time to complete their objective, The only other way around this would be to add a spawn limiter (either you can't spawn within 4ks of your body, or seaside/set spawn point), I would like to hear others thoughts of this and have a discussion about it. Regards Ghost