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  1. crap internet

    haha wow Philf2469 that's pretty low.. my phone wouldn't even connect to speed test with net like that.
  2. crap internet

    yeah we are managing only just haha. the internet is so bad right now.
  3. New PVE Server

    Just letting everyone know we are still around. The NBN is to be switched on in our area on 23 June. We have been having major line disruptions for weeks now because of it. We also move on 23 june into a 5br place with ocean views so we are still here, just cant get onto the server together without being kicked.
  4. my pc

    The first computer I have built myself from scratch...Amd Fx 6350 6 core CPU on a msi 970 gaming motherboard, xfx 7770 graphics card, 16gb ram, coolermaster hyper 212 turbo cooling, 2x 1T hdd and 240g ssd. With 2x 27" monitors, cougar mouse and Keyboard.
  5. Roaming AI for PVE server

    Ok Thank you, that explains it. have a good one xx
  6. Roaming AI for PVE server

    maybe there's something wrong with the code for the roaming AI for the PVE server? The only AI roaming around is the bandit patrol mission.
  7. ARMA 2 PVE Vehicle clean up

    i have had vehicle probs before. usually i right click the map in toolbelt and choose locate vehicle then open map with m. wait a minute or so and it will locate the vehicle and show it in orange writing on the map.. if its not on the server it will say so on the bottom left corner of the map. if its gone then watch out for UBIE on the PVE, he is admin and can replace what you lost. hope this helps
  8. ARMA 2 PVE Vehicle clean up

    i thought it restarted at 11 o'clock lol
  9. Introduction

    Hi all, Im Nicole AKA Xena on PVE. Living in Lakewood NSW and born a Westie. A panther born, a panther bred, I'll be a panther till I'm Dead! I'm a Pixel Bender at heart but I'm trained in many aspects of information technology and majoring in multimedia. I'm the partner of Ubie and combined we have 5 kids ranging in age from 10 to 18. I'm 41 and I have a very strange sense of humour, oh yeah, and I swear like a sailor haha My hobbies include Computer games, Pixel Bending and arguing with my kids lol See you around the map!!