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  1. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    Marked as fixed - thanks Jim!
  2. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    Sounds good Jim
  3. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    A few more to Deans list, Missing: Bandit Firebase CH47 Mission Armored Vehicles APC's Constructors Presidents in town (May only be on your PVP server) Working missions: Bandit Squad Medical Outpost Stash House Helicopter Crash Humvee Crash Weapons Truck Hillbillies Bombcrate (edit: added the ones I think are working) Cheers
  4. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    I stuck around for a bit under an hour and the server peaked at 2 missions spawned, with 5 players on. Just the old / easy missions and 1 crate, the 1 bombcrate came through at least. Not sure if that's a pass or not? Cheers.
  5. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    Thanks Jim! Testing now
  6. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    Hey guys, the PVE server seems to be dead for AI activity, with only 3 players on and the server 40 mins from shutdown, only 1 mission is active. Logged on and wait for a good while but nothing spawning so nothing to do. It cant be a load issue...any ideas? Cheers
  7. Point system

    The multiplier when you have been alive for a long time (like, more than 7 game days, or much more) can have a huge effect... Its a big shame AI kills don't seem to count though!!
  8. Bomb Crate Mission on PVE Server

    Thanks Jim. Just one point its not just map markers missing, the actual ai are also invisible and can shoot passing players. Apologies if you knew that already..
  9. Bomb Crate Mission on PVE Server

    I got spanked by this last night. No mission on map and no ai , crate, or AA gun even visible in game! it was outside my base so insta-death. Another player could see them. I'm guessing if you join the game after the mission has spawned, you cant see it.
  10. Dayz Admins in game

    Nice to see, and just in time for school holidays
  11. Bug,Glitch,Strange

    On Chernarus PVE some mounted M2 guns are totally invisible, on open flat ground. It makes mission impossible :/ Seen on Mv22 mission and ratified in chat with other players seeing the same.
  12. High Scores thread

    I died shortly after don't worry
  13. High Scores thread

    Post you personal best's here from TDS servers...screenshot evidence required 600 Ai, 3000 zeds for me on PVE
  14. Missing gear on PVe server

    I had a btr90 stolen. Pm'd details

    Cheers :)For me I don't get kicked, but it just says "cancelled building" whenever I try and place it