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  1. pc build

    i would go with the 8700k if u have not got the cpu and mother board yet its a I7 6 core 12 thred and what i have seen can be over clocked to 5 ghz easy as
  2. my pc

    this is the GPU brace lit up it looks ok but a bit to bright i think
  3. my pc

    i had to know so i went to the hardware and got a level to see if the GPU sag is real or not and it looks 100 % level to me now
  4. my pc

    dose my GPU look straight i cant get a answer here one says it is and other says its still on a sag
  5. crap internet

    we are lucky in away where we are now the NBN gets turned on in september sometime the new place we are moving to gets turned on the 23 of june so when we move we should have NBN soon after moving in so its all good what speed do you get PonyM110 is it any good ?
  6. crap internet

    year we got on for a bit today and only got kicked for ping 3 or 4 times was doing well today lol
  7. crap internet

    with a ping of over 500 cant wait to get the NBN on so we can get back on the server
  8. my pc

    looks like it has taken a long time to get all that
  9. my pc

  10. Gaming Chair

    it looks like a good chair i have one like that and they are so good and worth the money i think
  11. my pc

    come on guys give us a look at your set up mine has changed so many times over the years
  12. my pc

    this is Xena's set up
  13. my pc

  14. Roaming AI for PVE server

    there has been roaming ai in the pve server then taken out put back in then taken out so i thought i would put this pol up to see what people rely want so if the result says no roaming ai it wont change and the same if u want the roaming ai myself i love to try to shoot the choppers down its so much fun
  15. ARMA 2 PVE Vehicle clean up

    i dont think the clean up worked there is a lot of vehicles on the map so i guess we will have to try again maybe next week or something