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  1. Server down?

  2. Server down?

    I anyone else having trouble connecting to the teamspeak server? Or is it just me?
  3. Clothes

    Cheers for the info mate
  4. pc build

    Yep if you have the money thats a good option
  5. pc build

    Not much at all really ahaha, australian internet is the bottleneck
  6. pc build

    PUBG is a must if you haven't already mate
  7. pc build

    No worries mate the efficiency certification is measured in terms of grades, there's 80+:Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium and it tells you how power efficient the PSU is. A good PSU has an 80+ Gold or higher certification. This is a good read http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/understanding-the-80-plus-certification/ although this doesn't include an explanation on platinum or titanium.
  8. pc build

    Yep I bought a windows 10 Pro 64-bit copy for 3 euros, and it works fine. Also with your PSU, try to get one that will supply double the wattage you require, most PSU's are most efficient at 50% load (I'm not sure how much your build will require). What efficiency certification level is it? I'd recommend 80+ Gold at the least. Also seeing as you've got RGB's on your GPU and Mobo, the G.Skill Trident Z RGB series has some pretty awesome lighting if you're into that, and since both your Mobo and GPU use ASUS Aura technology that RAM will be able to sync up with the rest of your parts. Is your SDD M.2 or just SATA? If its SATA I'd recommend switching to M.2, its more pricey but a hell of a lot faster (540 MB/s read, 520 MB/s write). I don't know much about liquid coolers.
  9. Old Dog

    Welcome mate, if you ever need someone to play with just hop on our discord or teamspeak servers

    Welcome hope youre having fun
  11. Destiny 2 Clan

    Hey guys, What are your thoughts on making an in-game clan under the TdS name once it comes out? Would be great to play it together Also for those who haven't yet, Destiny 2 releases on PC October 24th, two months behind console so have a look and see if you wanna buy the game. Rins
  12. Dead Matter

    Looks promising
  13. M2 Gunners are invisible

    Thanks for letting us know mate, we're trying to fix it
  14. DAYZ - [TdS] WAREZONES -Coming Saturday 3rd September

    Can we get this for the Lingor server? I think that'd be chaotic
  15. Lingor map download

    To save you the trouble of having to redownload a different version of the Lingor map, dont download DayZ Lingor 1.3, download Lingor 1.5 Rins
  16. PVP Overpoch Lingor Server

    cheers mate, ill check it out now
  17. 200 Slot machine

    I think garrys mod would be a fun addition, I for one always have fun playing that game with mates
  18. [TdS] Epoch 1.0.6 Server

    Niceee that sounds sweet
  19. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Yesssss cheers guys
  20. Australias's #1 Server

    Now to get #1 Globally
  21. The setup!

    Wait a second are you in the Army? Saw your fur felt to the side lol.
  22. Website changes

    Aww yeah nice work boys
  23. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Yeah I reckon it'll be a fun little game trying to kill you guys in one of those haha
  24. Teamspeak update

    Thanks for the info mate
  25. Takistan Server

    Hey guys, just wanting to know if it would be possible to get a Takistan server running? I'm not sure how popular it is but it would be cool to try out dayz on another map. Cheers, Rins