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  1. Arma 3 exile

    Hey guy can we get a tds exile for arma 3 back up again and make it so every week it chages from summer to winter etc
  2. Prefab going away

    When well it be fixed prefab are going away plz tell me when it's fixed
  3. Prefab going away

    can i get a admin in the next 1hour to 1-30hour to build build my prefab
  4. [trc] -James Lannister

    hey zombie or admins can asor/jamie get a second go to prove he can be better please or no???
  5. Prefab going away

    dont mean to be pushy but its been nearly 3 weeks im not coming back on intill sever all good sorry to say
  6. Prefab going away

    Just asking because have not heard anything but are prefab fixed? Thx
  7. Arma 2 server wipe vote

    what prefabs are they
  8. Arma 2 server wipe vote

    ok thx man looking forward to it
  9. Arma 2 server wipe vote

    if we get a prefab back do we get a plot pole as well???
  10. Arma 2 server wipe vote

    if it does reset and u had a prefab can u get the building stuff back or not?
  11. Loot/helis

    When you respawn at spawn points and u want to get back to your body you can't find any heli parts only pain killers and m 9s can there be more heli parts please?
  12. Loot/helis

    ok thats fair i can see the point in it thanks for the replys
  13. [trc] -James Lannister

    Seeyou asor
  14. [trc] -PaNiC

    What did he do to get banned?
  15. Dayz server -new provider

    thanks for the reponse guys
  16. Dayz server -new provider

    When i go into the old sever my base and everything is there heli,cars safes and floors But when i go on the new sever my base is gone but the safe are there with the heli and car but the prefab is not and and the floors? Does anyone know why
  17. dayz sever down?

    hey the dayz sever is down anyone know whats happing there?
  18. 2 Suggestions

    but i like the way your saying about loot like you can find a lrrpa magem. like out of three miltary basers you well have like a 1/3 chanes to get that gun
  19. 2 Suggestions

    i think having two missions at onece is not that great like you want a choice and when there more missions u can have a choice of what one what guns.
  20. Dayz server got nuked tonight

    ok im from newzealand so what time well u be on monday?
  21. Dayz server got nuked tonight

    I made a tower and it's gone. Can u do something about it please it was out of metal floors thx please get back to me
  22. Day and Night

    Can you guys make it so we dont vote for day/night can you make it day time 2hrs real time and night time 1hr real time please ?
  23. Day and Night

    thx man
  24. Day and Night

    ok cool thx mate
  25. Taking the skins off died bodys

    can you guys add something so you can take the skins off died players please ??