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  1. If you haven't done so, register at this link:


    The access code will probably be released after Gamescon, which ends on the 21st of August. 

    Also I have made a pledge to my friends and parents not to play games until the mid semester holidays three weeks later- the workload for a law degree is actually crazy, so I gotta study ma arse off.

    Cya then!

  2. I was doing well and was dominating this guy called [A] Cashymofo, after my final kill on him I got kicked from the server.

    Not sure if he did it or FPSG did it, but hey that makes me feel quite good about myself actually to be good enough to get kicked hahaha

    Or if the admin was simply making spots for his own members which is fair enough, but why me, is this a declaration of war against TdS?

    All in all FPSG sucks, lags like crazy, so many bullshit rules- I'm only playing there because of the large amount of players.

    Have a nice day,