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    well I had my first game of bf1 last night . pretty good fun ! I had 2 rounds & started off with a ping of 45 in the first round but by round 2 it was 999 so had to give up but was fun while it lasted
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    Guys I've been busy with work for the last few weeks so only now getting on top of things. I intend to conduct a full cleanup next Friday 28th October. With over 50 bases on the server and some players having large vehicle collections we are having a few minor issues. Please Can I ask all players to sell/get rid of all unwanted vehicles or store them in a virtual garage. You only need one Garage per plot pole and as long as players are named on the pole you can all have access to your own vehicles from the same physical garage. Secondly we seem to have seen a rise in players leaving vehicles at traders inside the safe zones. I will delete/move as required from now on. That's both circles not just the inner one. All the best Pony
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    Dealt with, unfortunately we have a player who either doesn't understand or more likely doesn't care for the rules. its not the first time I've had to deal with something from him and had hoped he wasn't coming back
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    Apologies, thought I'd already replied to this but it seems I never submitted it. Old Age On the face of it KBS sounds great however I'm not sure it would work with our current player group. Most players tend to be online at weekends with an hour here and an hour there during the week. If we spend all weekend with PvP then effectively we would become a PvP server. We have a high turn over of players currently which isn't helping either, in short its too easy to come on, get set up with a base and decent vehicles, play for a day or so, get bored and then never come back. There are anywhere from 30-50 bases on the server at any given time and at most a dozen regulars who's gaming time varies and rarely on together. Due to the current setup, i.e. 10 mill on start-up and the low trader prices for high end mil vehicles and equipment I believe we've effectively created a PvP environment on a PVE server and we need to change that. Jim has mail from myself about certain changes I'd like but its finding the time to implement them as he's very busy in the RW at the moment. I do like the PVP area idea from Loki. I've always like the Skalisty Super base Script which spawns a large mission every server restart on the Island, it encourages players to work together but it could be easily turned into a PVP environment either permanently or for an event and because its on the Island its easy to police from an Admin point of view. We are a very popular PvE server and I believe one of the best scripted but we can always improve, lets keep this thread going with more input for ideas. Pony
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    Just throwing my 2ยข in on this one. Although a good idea, we didn't see a lot of users on a steady basis on the PVP servers which led to their eventual and understandable closing. If we were to implement this, would we not isolate those weekend gamers who want to play PVE only and are only available on weekends and they will end up not to not wanting to play the server at all or less then they do/can already? I've been playing on the PVE server for a while now and mainly play on weekends as my work carries into the night most weekdays. The PVE element is what I enjoy playing, taking that away for the bulk of the time I have free would limit how often I log in to the server, I'm sure they may be some others with me on this one. What would be cool is to have a separate area for PVP only. Anything lost in there is fair game, if you want to roam the specified area (a walled off city perhaps) then it shouldn't matter what gear you loose or vics taken because its your choice to enter the area. Also remove the humanity minus effect if possible...anyone who PVPs outside this zone can be banned anyway. I'm all for a monthly event or something similar but every weekend may do more damage then good to the existing players. Michael
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    Hey KBS & welcome to our forums, We take all feedback on-board and will discuss your idea with the leaders, members and players to see if its something we would like to give a go. Personally, I do not play the game, but am sure we will get some more discussion happening about this. Cheers neg
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    Hey guys, I know you were some of the last aussie bf2 players so thats why im posting here. I would love to see a aussie bf2 server full and rocking once again! The TEA server still exists and still gets some players at peak hour. hopefully some of you are keen to jump back on for a few rounds. also revive bf2 was shutdown so you need BF2Hub to play now.
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    This looks interesting, i like there take on camouflage....... www.scumgame.com
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    Happy New Year to everyone hope you all have a great day and a safe one looking forward to the new year for everyone All best from the Admins
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    Ok guys and girls we have decided that due to lack of donation , players and just no interest anymore the dayz PVE server will be shut down on the 24th Dec 2017. Would like to thanks Jimmy and all the admins for doing a great job running the server and all the players who have enjoyed it , we got to number 1 in oz and stayed there for a long time , great work.
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    new map is now on test server
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    Yup, I totally understand what everybody is saying. And I would never want anybody to leave because of it. And I would also never want it to become a PvP server, the main reason I'm here is because I detest 24/7 PvP servers. I however, wasn't suggesting an every weekend event. We used to do it 3 maybe 4 times a year. It was well promoted prior to the date and everybody enjoyed it. The idea of the Skalisty super base is appealing, and changing it to a PvP event a few times a year as well, but I think modifications to reduce the server load would be required for smooth gameplay. And also, we all have lives outside of DayZ, this I fully understand. The scripts would take me months to work through and test, and its not a little job. It was just an idea for everybody to perhaps blow off a little steam every now and then. KBS
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    downloading ts now (at 12kb/s)
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    There are some good mobile deals around, although I would only go Telstra, or someone like Aldi who onsell Telstra wholesale. If you were to go down this path, I'd make sure all updates are turned off whilst using your mobile connection (Windows 10 has this feature, turn off windows updates on metered connections). You can use most smartphones and set it up as a mobile hotspot, so you computer connects to the phone via wireless and uses the internet connection from the mobile phone, or tablet if you have a 3g/4g enabled device. https://www.aldimobile.com.au/plans/datapacks/ I have Aldi mobile, and have gamed using it, although depending on your mobile coverage, it may not be as good, but it would be worth testing out. If its something you want to look into more, PM me and we can have a chat, maybe someone else might have something to add to the conversation.
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    Player Name RSX01 Date & Time 30/10/17 2030 Game Chernarus PVE [TdS] Server [TdS] Chernarus Overpoch Server Map Offence stealing Kicked yes Ban Duration perm Comments player reported for looting from other players vehicle and refusing to pass coin on from same player. initially tried to deny it and blamed language barrier. Returned money to admin as its was a "misunderstanding" but then admitted to looting Vehicle as well
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    First stage done, now for players to start reducing their vehicles or use a virtual garage. Pound is at sW corner of map, use your vehicle locator
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    right guys i have changed all the prices as per your request
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    Hi Guys, (Just a quick note, I didn't include some platforms the trader offers as their price is apt or the item isn't of any real use and/or didn't need a price change) I assembled a list of suggested PVE pricing on prices from the Hero dealers on Heli's and Mech Armor. The prices take into account the armor value and for some platforms the power of the equipped weapons. The weakness in any armoured chopper or mech platform versus AI is the platforms armour value. Fixed or mobile 50 cal break down armour quickly thus lower armoured helis or mech suffer. More so weaponized mech as they also face the risk of AI willing to deploy anti-armour rockets. The barrier to buy is the 5K humanity, so it will prevent PVP idiots, but also somewhat reward time spent on the server. Armed Helicoptors Name Class Armor Weapons Current Buy Price Current Resale Price Suggested Buy Price Suggested Sell Price AH6J_DZE AH6J_EP1_DZE 25 M134 2 Mil 600K 100K 60K AH6J AH6J_EP1 25 Hydra, M134 1 Mil 500K 160K 90K Mi24D Mi24P Mi24V Mi24_D Mi24_P Mi24_V 33 ea Mixed across variants 2.5 Mil 1.25Mil 1.75 Mil 1 Mil Wildcat AH11 AW159_Lynx_BAF 60 CRV7 Missiles 3.5Mill 1.25Mil 1.25 Mill 750K Ka60 (M32) Ka60_GL-PMC 60 S-5 M32 1.3 Mil 700K NoChange NoChange Merlin HC3 BAF_Merlin_HC3_D (same as Air Trader) 60 Flares 1.0 Mil 500K 200K 125K MH-60S AL MH-60S_DZE 35 2xM240 1.0 Mill 500K 600K 350K Mi-8MTV-3 Mi17_rockets_RU 25 S5,Flares,PKTx2,PKT 2.5Mil 1.25 Mil 700K 400K Mi171Sh Mi171Sh_rockets_CZ_EP1 25 S5,Flares,PKTx2 2.5 Mil 1.25Mil 650K 425K UH-13B Pook_H13_transport_INS 25 Smokes, Grenade x2,M60 100K 50K 75K 60K AH13H Pook_13_gunship 25 Grenade, M60 180K 90K 65K 45K Mechanised Armour Mechanised Armor. The same largely applies. Armor verses AI is countered by the AI shoulder RPG18 and M136, the Javelin is the real danger on missions. AI are slow but deliberate with mech armour counter measures. Name Class Armor Weapons Current Buy Price Current Resale Price Suggested Buy Price Suggested Sell Price HMMWV SOV AL HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1_DZE 40 Mk19 Gren Launcher, M240 100K 50K 80K 50K Humvee M2 HMMWV_M2_DZ 40 M2 216K 108K 125K 80K Military Offroad Special AL LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1_DZE 30 AGS-30, PKT 100K 50K 90K 60K Military Offroad (M2) AL LandRover_MG_TK_EP1_DZE 30 M2 Machinegun 100K 50K 60K 50K BTR-90 BTR-90 150 2A42,PKT,9M113,AGs17 6Mil 3Mil 2.5Mil 1.75Mil BTR-90 (HQ) BTR-90_HQ 150 Smokes, PKT 3Mil 1.5M 1Mil 700K Vodnik (2xPK) AL GAZ_Vodnik_DZE 85 PKTx2 200K 100K 125K 80K LAV25 (HQ) LAV25_HQ 150 Smokes, M240 3Mil 1.5M 1.75Mil 1.5Mil LAV25 LAV25 150 M242, M240 6Mil 3Mill 2 Mil 1.75Mil BMP2 BMP2_CDF 250 2A42,PKT,9M113 12Mil 6Mill 2.8Mil 2Mil BMP3 BMP3 300 2A72, 2A70, PKT, 9M117 15 Mil 7.5Mil 3.5Mil 2.25Mil Name Class Armor Weapons Current Buy Price Current Resale Price Suggested Buy Price Suggested Sell Price T-90 T90 800 2A46M Canon, 9M119M Rocket, PKT 25Mil 10Mil 7.5 Mil 6 Mill T-72 T72_CDF 690 D-81, PKT 20Mil 9Mil 6Mil 4.5Mil T-34 T34_TK_GUE_EP1 300 ZiS-S-53, DS 15Mil 7.5Mil 3.5Mil 2.25Mil M2A2 Bradley IFV M2A2_EP1 300 M242, M240, M220 Tow 18Mil 7Mil 3.5Mil 2.25Mil M2A3 ERA Bradley IFV M2A3_EP1 400 M242, M240, M220 Tow 21Mil 8Mil 3.8Mil 2.75Mil M6 Linebacker M6_EP1 300 M242, M240, FIM-92F Stinger 18Mil 7Mil 3.5Mil 2.75Mil FV510 Warrior 2 BAF_FV510_W 850 CTWS, L94A1 Chain 18Mil 7Mil 7.5Mil 6Mil M1A1 M1A1_US_DES_EP1 850 M256, M240 22.5 Mil 10Mil 7.5Mil 6Mil M1A2 Tusk M1A2_US_TUSK_MG_EP1 900 M256, M240 25 Mil 12Mil 7.75Mil 6Mil HMMWV Avenger HMMWV_Avenger_DES_EP1 150 FIM92 Stinger, M3P 2Mil 1Mil 250K 150K AAVP7A1 AAV 210 Mk19, M2, Smoke 18Mil 9Mil 750K 550K Jackal 2 MWMIK (GMG) BAF_Jackal2_GMG_W 30 Machine Gun? Not listed โ€“ Very low armour 1Mil 500K 150K 130K Jackal 2 MWMIK (HMG) BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_W 30 Grenade?? Not listed โ€“ Very low armour 1Mil 500K 110K 100K Stryker MGS M1128_MGS_EP1 150 M68, M2, Smokes 15 Mil 5Mil 1.25Mil 950K Stryker MC M1129_MC_EP1 160 M120 โ€“ Mortar. 15 Mil 5Mil 1.00MIl 950K BRDM-2 BRDM2_CDF + BRDM2_GUE + BRDM2_INS 120 KPVT, PKT 4 Mil 2Mil 950K 700K SUV Armored ArmoredSUV_PMC_DZE 80 M134 Chain Gun 1 Mill 350K 500K 400K
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    WOW that's all I can say . couldn't even get a down or up
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    Time to change passwords and re activate 2 step verification boys. https://bugs.chromium.org/p/project-zero/issues/detail?id=1139 1 Password wasn't affected https://blog.agilebits.com/2017/02/23/three-layers-of-encryption-keeps-you-safe-when-ssltls-fails/ Here is the list with affected websites https://github.com/pirate/sites-using-cloudflare/blob/master/README.md#full-list
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