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    Hey guys, I know you were some of the last aussie bf2 players so thats why im posting here. I would love to see a aussie bf2 server full and rocking once again! The TEA server still exists and still gets some players at peak hour. hopefully some of you are keen to jump back on for a few rounds. also revive bf2 was shutdown so you need BF2Hub to play now.
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    This looks interesting, i like there take on camouflage....... www.scumgame.com
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    Happy New Year to everyone hope you all have a great day and a safe one looking forward to the new year for everyone All best from the Admins
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    Ok guys and girls we have decided that due to lack of donation , players and just no interest anymore the dayz PVE server will be shut down on the 24th Dec 2017. Would like to thanks Jimmy and all the admins for doing a great job running the server and all the players who have enjoyed it , we got to number 1 in oz and stayed there for a long time , great work.
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