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Server Cleanup 28/10/17

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I've been busy with work for the last few weeks so only now getting on top of things.  I intend to conduct a full cleanup next Friday 28th October. With over 50 bases on the server and some players having large vehicle collections we are having a few minor issues.


Please Can I ask all players to sell/get rid of all unwanted vehicles or store them in a virtual garage. You only need one Garage per plot pole and as long as players are named on the pole you can all have access to your own vehicles from the same physical garage.


Secondly we seem to have seen a rise in players leaving vehicles at traders inside the safe zones.  I will delete/move as required from now on.  That's both circles not just the inner one.


All the best



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Please Remind Everyone guys


I will be starting this when I get home from work Friday Afternoon.  Ideally all vehicles to be in a virtual garage or at the very least inside a plot pole radius.  




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First stage done, now for players to start reducing their vehicles or use a virtual garage.



Pound is at sW corner of map, use your vehicle locator 

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