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Hi everyone.

I'm an old friend of Ubie's. I used to play on his Epidemic server a few years ago and I stalked him here because he never talks on Steam. :)

As one of his admins I got to spend a lot of time in the air and made a few videos, so here's some of that...


L-39: F.O.D.

Driving The Mozzie

Server Event: Checkpoint Race

Server Event: Checkpoint Race Extras (The After Party)


I havn't played ArmA for over a year now, but looking forward to joining back in with a group of like-minded folk. No doubt I'll see some of you about.

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Tlarro yes it was a good event, that one. Just one of the many, and only one of the very few I recorded.



 I just bought a Littlebird, so watch out for me in the skies (or trees) near you!

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