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Battlefield™ 1 Spring Update Notes

Hello Everyone,
Being a successful Battlefield player is all about playing the objective and working together as a team. With the Spring Update, we want to further push the team aspect of Battlefield and make teamwork an even bigger part of the experience – with the introduction of Platoons as this update’s central feature.In this update, we are also releasing some much asked for server administration settings – yes, we heard you! More on that below. We hope you will like the new features, bug fixes, and balance tweaks. See you on the Battlefield!

Jojje “Indigow(n)d” Dalunde
Jesper “TheBikingViking” Nielsen



Get ready to team up. Today we are introducing the first wave of Platoons features for Battlefield 1. It’s something a lot of you have been asking for, and that we are very happy to finally release. Our focus in this initial release is to add some of the core and most essential Platoons features, such as the Platoon Tag, while building a robust system that we can continue to expand and improve going forward.

Below is an overview of what’s available in this initial release:


Create & Manage - Any player can create a Platoon; you are however limited to one General role, the highest rank and the rank a Platoon creator starts with, at any one time. When creating a Platoon, you can add the following info:

Name - This is required and must be 3-24 characters. Names are not exclusive.

Tag - This is required and consists of 1-4 alpha-numerical characters. Tags are not exclusive.

Description - This is optional and can be up to 256 characters long. Use this to describe your Platoon however you see fit. 

Emblem - You can choose an emblem for the Platoon from your own personal Emblem gallery. The emblem is then “copied” to the Platoon, meaning that if you later update your own emblem, it’s not automatically reflected in the Platoon emblem.

Access Type - This selection defines how other players can and cannot join your Platoon:

  • Open - Anyone can join the Platoon instantly.
  • Apply-to-Join - Anyone can apply; Platoon members with permissions can accept or reject applications.
  • Closed - No one can join the Platoon while in this state. 

It’s always possible to change any of these values or settings at any time, as long as the Platoon member has permission to modify it.

General - This is the highest Platoon rank and there can only be one General in the Platoon at any one time. The creator will initially get this rank, but can transfer it to someone else (which must be done if you want to leave the Platoon). The General has access to everything, including the option to change name, tag, and even disband the Platoon.

Colonel - Colonel is the second-highest rank and has access to most Platoon management tools, such as editing the description, emblem, and the access type. This means they can step in for the General most of the time.

Lieutenant - The Lieutenant is the lowest level rank with management permissions. Mainly their ability is to accept or reject Platoon applications, if the Platoon is set to “Apply-to-Join”, as well as link their Rented Servers to the Platoon.

Private - Private is the initial rank any new member gets in the Platoon. This rank doesn’t give you access to anything, besides the fact that you are now a member of the Platoon and can represent it and join other members playing. As a rule of thumb, you can always promote someone else to one rank lower than your own, and demote or kick members that are one rank or lower than your own. Rank permissions also always stack, so if you’re promoted you can know for certain that you have the same access as before – and more.

Find & Join - Platoons is all about playing together. In the “Find Platoon” section, you will sometimes get a list of recommended Platoons to join, which is currently based on other Platoons that your friends are representing. Once you’ve found a Platoon, its access type will determine how easy it is for you to join. Maybe you can simply join it right away, or you must apply. If you’re unlucky it’s closed, and that’s that.

Representing and Playing with Your Platoon - For many players, representing your Platoon is what it’s all about and we have tried to make this process easy, smooth, and awesome with the new system. First, you can always only represent one Platoon at any given time, and you can also choose not to represent any. You will retain your membership and rank in the Platoon; it’s basically just something you toggle. When you represent a Platoon, its tag will automatically be displayed in front of your name and its emblem will automatically be displayed wherever your emblem is usually displayed. This essentially “overrides” your equipped emblem; when you represent a Platoon, we want you to really represent it.

Besides having the tag and emblem, if you fill up a squad with other players that represent the same Platoon, the squad will automatically be renamed to the Platoon’s name. Furthermore, if your represented Platoon contributed the most to a Flag Capture (with at least two members present), a pennant carrying your Platoon emblem will be shown on the flag pole. More bragging rights for you.


We currently employ limitations of 100 members per Platoon – if your group is more than 100 people, we suggest you create more Platoons with the same name, tag, emblem and description – and you can at max be a member of 10 Platoons. This includes pending applications; if you are a member of 8 Platoons and have 2 Platoons with pending applications to join, you will not be able to join or apply for any other Platoon unless you leave a Platoon or cancel an application. Increasing these limits are something we will consider going forward.

One of our primary focus areas has also been to more easily facilitate playing together in groups, so we’ve added the ability to always see where your Platoon is playing and join them. 


New Features

Medic Revive Intent

If you’ve ever played as a Medic, dashing through hailstorms of bullets and explosions disregarding your own safety to get to a fallen team mate, only to have them “skip” at the very last second, you know how frustrating it can be.

You can now “spot” the dead player to indicate that you are on your way to them. The player will see your name blinking in the death screen and show as “incoming medic”. The medic will also shout that he is coming.

If they decide to skip anyway, they didn’t deserve to be saved in the first place.


New Features

Server Administration

This is one of the areas where we are getting a lot of feedback, so it feels great to be able to finally release some new features to the community:

  • Server admins can now add other players to a list to give them admin rights to the server.
  • A server can now be set to need lower numbers before pre-round ends (from 20 to 6).
  • We are also adding the ability to use password protected servers.

Just as with the other parts of the game, server administration functionality is something we will continuously improve over time. This is the beginning. Please keep giving us feedback on what to improve next.





New Content

Other feedback from the community is that more weapons are wanted. And we agree! With this update, we’re introducing four new weapon variants – one for each class:


Complete special weapon assignments to unlock each weapon.


New Features


We brought in the Ribbon system from earlier Battlefield titles with the Winter Update. We’re very happy with how it turned out, so with the Spring Update we’ve decided to expand the system by adding 19 new Ribbons.

The focus with the new Ribbons is to promote teamwork. You will now get Ribbons for performing tasks such as spotting, reviving, resupplying, repairing, healing, and more.


New Features

Dog Tags

There are five more Dog Tags to get with this update:

  • Battlefest 2017
  • Answers HQ
  • Sakura & Murata
  • Regimental Stein
  • Play to Give



Maps & Modes



Maps & Modes


Frontlines - Fixed issue where combat areas weren't activated during warmup, meaning you could go out of bounds.

Frontlines - Fixed issue where timer would not start. Longest game recorded was over 3.5 hours long.

Fixed issue where combat areas could cause minor visual bug in minimap.

Updated the physical material for rivers and lakes on the terrain. Water explosions should now look correct.

Set small game modes on consoles to be 60 Hz.

Increased width of rain texture to avoid tiling patterns.





Maps & Modes


Fixed multiple glitch spots.


Maps & Modes

Argonne Forest

Fixed multiple glitch spots.

Fixed an issue which allowed players to get on top of a bunker they shouldn't be on top of.

Tweaked lighting to make the map look better.


Maps & Modes

Fao Fortress

Adjusted height of fog when in airplane or parachute.


Maps & Modes

Fort De Vaux

Operations - Update to intro camera.

Operations - Made Elite pickups disappear once the defenders won a battalion.

Conquest - Readjusted the spawn locations to avoid spawning near enemies.

Conquest - Adjusted the capture area sizes of A, C and D.

Conquest - Hero kits will be spawned at the HQ of the losing team, if the enemy team owns all capture points.

Conquest - Adjusted the combat area around the German spawn.

Rush - Moved the first MCOM in the 3rd sector closer to the attackers and adjusted some spawn distances due to high rate of successful defenders.

Rush - Adjusted the spawn locations for better balance.

Rush - Added additional cover in the 3rd sector.

Reduced the bloom scale for the customization screen.

Fixed issue where players were able to access unintended area.

Fixed an issue with an invisible collision in a corridor.

Fixed issue where players could not be revived on top of drainage systems.

Fixed issue where climbing the bridge would sometimes not work.

Fixed an issue where players could climb on top of the fort.

Fixed issue with enlighten rendering on some pipes.


Maps & Modes

Giant's Shadow

Fixed boundaries for free camera when spectating.

Fixed some interactions with doors.


Maps & Modes

Monte Grappa

Conquest - Fixed issue where players could capture C from an unintended position.


Maps & Modes


Operations - Fixed issue where players could spawn in the Behemoth before it was ready and later got teleported back.

Operations - Added a tank for the attackers to the first sector of Rupture

Operations - Adjusted some of the capture and spawn points for better balance.

Conquest - Reduced the number of planes from 3 to 2 per team.

Conquest - Changed size of capture area of A and D point.

Conquest - Swapped B and C flag.

Conquest - Moved motorcycle out of bush near team 2 spawn.

Conquest - Moved spawns back for team 2.

Conquest - Added spawn area AA guns for both teams.

Conquest - Removed an MG position that wasn't supposed to be usable.

Rush - Weakened defense on first and third sectors based on community feedback and telemetry.

Rush - Moved the attacker tank from the first sector to the third sector.


Maps & Modes

Sinai Desert

Fixed issue where players were unable to get out of a Fk.96 field gun at a specific rotation.

Moved field gun a meter back to give it a bit more clearance.


Maps & Modes


Operations - Added an additional AA gun for the defenders on the last sector to balance the attackers' vehicles.

Operations - Tweaked balance based on feedback and telemetry.

Operations - Fixed issue where players could spawn in the Behemoth before it was ready and later got teleported back.

Conquest - Fixed a bug around one of the field guns and fixed an issue related to spawn camping.

Conquest - Readjusted the spawn locations to avoid spawning near enemies.

Conquest - Adjusted the size of some of the capture areas (made them bigger in general).

Conquest - Reduced the number of tanks from 4 to 3 per team and moved one of the 3 tank spawns to the closest capture point (A and E). By this, the enemy team can deny them and influence the tank situation on the map. It also adds more value to points that get less attentions by the players.

Conquest - Increased the tank respawn time to add more value to their use.

Conquest - Reduced the airplanes per team from 2 to 1.

Conquest - Reduced the hero kit spawn respawn time.

Rush - Weakened the defenders by adjusting their spawns in the first and third sectors.

Rush - Fixed an issue where players could spawn outside the combat area.

Fixed boundaries for free camera when spectating.

Toned down exposure while indoors.


Maps & Modes


Fixed issue where player could not be revived after dying in a puddle near the British HQ.


Maps & Modes

Verdun Heights

Operations - Adjusted some of the capture and spawn points for better balance.

Operations - Changed the tickets from 250 to 350.

Operations - The Howitzer in the first sector now spawns after 5 minutes of the first battalion.

Operations - Tweaked the weather on Verdun.

Conquest - Adjusted some of the capture and spawn points for better balance.

Conquest - Adjustments the Hero kit spawn delay.



Weapons & Gadgets



Weapons & Gadgets


Fixed all sniper rifles to have separate cocking pieces.

Fixed incorrect scope sway when using 2.00x or 1.25x magnification.

Wrench will no longer make repair sounds and play repair animation when vehicle is fully repaired.

Fixed an issue where the repair indicator progress was not updating when repairing with a wrench.

Fixed issue where the weapon skin "The Seaforth Highlander" was misspelled as "Higlander". There can be only one.

Corrected UI for rate of fire for the M1903 Marksman and Sniper from 51 to 54 rpm, which is the actual ROF for these weapons.

Fixed issue where K Bullets could hurt tanks farther than 150 meters away.

Fixed incorrectly low drag for the Chauchat.

Increased M1903 Experimental trigger pull weight to match the ROF change done in They Shall Not Pass.

Removed post reload delay when using K Bullets on the Martini-Henry.

Fixed an issue where the crosshair disappeared when zooming in using the Villar-Perosa.

Fixed a bug where certain first person reload-animations that were interrupted when killed would not play after being revived.

Fixed bayonet bug that allowed player to be killed without triggering the animation when there was no obstacle between them.





Weapons & Gadgets

Grenade changes

Added a 0.3 s throw delay to all grenades 

Reduced the outer blast radius of the following grenades: 

  • Frag/Stick: 6.3 from 7.0 
  • Impact/Min/Light ATi: 5.6 from 6.0
  • Increased fuse timings on the following grenades:
  • Mini/Frag/Stick: 1.4 s minimum delay from 1.3 s, 0.85 s fuse from 0.7 s
  • Impact: 1.2 s minimum delay from 1.0 s
  • Incendiary: 1.4 s minimum delay from 1.3 s
  • Rifle Frag: 0.8 s fuse from 0.7 s

Increased lethal grenade resupply timers: 

  • Mini: 28s
  • Gas: 35s
  • Light AT: 42s
  • Frag: 49s
  • Impact: 49s
  • Incendiary: 49s

Increased magazine size for smoke grenades from 1 to 2.

Reduced damage of AT Grenades against standard soldiers by 10%.

Increased ammo box resupply rate modifier from 3x to 3.5x for all lethal grenades.

Grenades will no longer resupply unless player is near supply crate or pack.

Grenades should no longer collide with team mates within 10m.

Incoming suppression will halt resupply progress of grenades without an ammo box, and will reduce resupply speed with an ammo box to two thirds its normal value.

Fixed position of rib sight for 12g Auto.

Added folded bayonet when no bayonet is equipped instead of completely removing it for Automatico.

Fixed incorrect 2x zoom level for Bodeo1889.

Tweaked muzzle VFX of Hellriegel.

Fixed spread decrease being too slow for Infantry version of Lebel Model 1886.

Fixed bipod having no influence on recoil and hipfire spread for Sniper version of Lebel Model 1886.

Fixed issue where K Bullet icon would not be visible when using the Lebel.







Fixed a bug where the first-person camera on the Artillery Truck could be in the wrong position.

Fixed a bug where the 1st person camera in the St. Chamond tank would not reset when exiting and re-entering the driver seat during the camera transition for the Pigeon Carrier Artillery.

Corrected BL9 Gas Shell Friendly Fire Behavior. Now damage will be disabled with friendly fire off instead of suppression.

Moved weapon components for St. Chamond equipment from under the vehicle to near the top to allow them to be used in shallow water.

Increased AA cannon blast damage multiplier against planes: 

  • Fighter: 0.8 from 0.7 
  • Attack Plane: 0.75 from 0.7 
  • Bomber: 0.65 from 0.6

Fixed incorrectly low damage of rockets against other planes.

Increased sniper rifle damage multiplier against planes: 

  • Fighter: 1.2 from 1 
  • Attack Plane: 0.9 from 0.75 
  • Bomber: 0.375 from 0.3125

Increased inner blast radius of AA cannons from 4 to 6 meters when the detonation is triggered by a vehicle. 

Removed impact impulse from plane MGs.

Ranken Darts: 

  • Increased reload time from 12 to 15 seconds 
  • Decreased blast damage from 20 to 16.7 
  • Decreased blastradius from 3 to 1.5 meters 
  • Direct damage no longer hurts soldiers

Fixed bad behavior on crashing planes by disabling rotor critical state when landing gear is deployed.

Removed physics impulses from Desert Armored Train AA weapon projectile.

Fixed issue where player could sometimes falsely see two available vehicles instead of one in the deploy screen.

Fixed issue where artillery shells would explode midair.

Fixed an issue where the saber sound kept playing when jumping off a horse while swinging.








Fixed horse melee and camera toggle gamepad button mapping issues related to the alternate and Legacy Southpaw schemes.

Fixed the airplanes throttle input mapping in Lefty buttons + Legacy Southpaw stick combo.

Fixed issue where the Legacy Southpaw control scheme for the Field Gun made the RS have both Strafe and Look functionality.

Fixed issue where using a joystick alongside a mouse would cause the keymapping to revert to default functions.

Added advanced gameplay option for adjusting the Stick Aiming Acceleration. Allows setting the soldier aiming when using a stick, as seen in Battlefield 4.

Removed invalid binding for Left Alternate controller with the horse. Gallop and Melee were being bound to left stick click, which is not possible. Removed the melee attack binding and from now on only gallop will trigger (melee attack would never trigger anyway).

Fixed a bug where vaulting could be triggered while transitioning into prone.

Diving underwater and resurfacing can now only be triggered when the soldier has finished the previous dive or resurface animation.

Fixed a bug where certain inputs would stop working after vaulting.

Separated dead zones for joysticks and gamepads.

Added options to adjust the axial dead zones of the gamepad sticks and the joystick.

Added options to adjust max input thresholds for sticks and gamepad triggers (L2/R2).






Changed the RTL alignment of the squad count text element to avoid the overlap in Arabic.

Changed the alignment of the kit-rank so it is displayed correctly in Arabic.

Changed alignment of progression tracker text for weapons and medals in Arabic.

Changed alignment of XP boost percentage in Arabic.

Adjusted the columns on the scoreboard to restore score and latency to their intended font size.

Fixed issue where an overlap was present in squad menu for the XP boost and the padlock.

Fixed issue where wrong weapon and weapon skin would sometimes appear on the killcam.

The Squad XP boost logo is now responding correctly to the highlight.

Fixed issue where player was unable to see nearby medics if he/she killed him/herself with gas or incendiary grenade.

Fixed issue where weapons bought for Warbonds in the menu system would not show as unlocked in the customize screen.

Fixed issue where some game messages would not show up in the chat.

Fixed issue where other classes than Medic could show up in the "Nearby Medics" list when dead. Can still appear in some rare cases.

Fixed issue where the same map could show up in both slots during vote map.

Added a gameplay option to turn off the Player-Created content.






Fixed jitter for spectator when movement starts.

Replaced Ping in Scoreboard by Latency for all platforms.

Players with a connection above 100ms will have to lead their shot as server side hit detection is performed, indicated by icon in upper right corner.

  • This should lower the hit around corner effects and impede a penalty for high ping players to hit players.

Improved extrapolation handling for jittery players. Movement should now be much smoother and allow the other clients to have better hit detection on those.

Lowered thresholds for network latency warning icons.


  • Yellow 90ms 
  • Red: 200ms.

Fixed issue with grenade unspawning when owner died. When you dropped a grenade right before you died, it previously just disappeared.

Allow bullet damage from killed players if the victim got his shot off while he was still alive. This will allow killtrades, but in a fair manner.

Improved level loading times during network syncing phase. Will improve the time joining into ongoing matches.

Prioritize hit information over other information during networking.

Fixed issue where bullet impact FX would appear at the wrong impact positions.

Moved hit effect in more sync with networked shooter/shooting.

Changed warning icons to use average fps for fps instead of CPU spikes.

Improved algorithm of calculating lag compensation.






Fixed issue that would make map loading times longer than necessary. Should cut ~10 seconds of loading per map.

Fixed issue with flickering water when running the game in SLI.

Fixed a tracking issue with heal and revive scoring criteria.

Map voting is now on as default on official experiences.

Updated game credits.

Added the options to turn off aim assist in rented servers.

Fixed issue where server would crash if 24 players connected at the same time for Domination.

Fixed issue where players could exploit damaging and repairing a vehicle for experience. No more!

Game will now always de-spawn a corpse when the player spawns in again. (Seeing your own dead body can be scary.)



Fixed issue where logging out on Xbox One during the first few seconds of an Operation

intro video caused a freeze at black screen after the video.


Source: https://www.battlefield.com/news/update-notes/spring-update?utm_campaign=bf1_hd_ww_ic_soco_twt_bf1-spring-update-notes-04272017-fb&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&cid=31351&ts=1493359561733&sf53975127=1


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Battlefield 1 PRISE DE TAHURE Update Notes

Welcome to the Prise de Tahure Update – our third monthly update and second additional map release for Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass. We’ve also brought out Premium Trials, made some changes to the UI, added features to the Rental Server Program, and added various tweaks and fixes to enhance gameplay. Let’s dive into the details of the Prise de Tahure Update.

Jojje “Indigowd” Dalunde



Prise de Tahure

Prise de Tahure is our second night map and the final map for Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass. French raiders and German stormtroopers clash in an urban trench setting as the nights grow colder in the Champagne-Ardennes region. The frontline trench networks cut right through several villages facing obliteration from the constant skirmishing between German and French troops. This content will be available for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners and owners of the They Shall Not Pass expansion pack. Non-Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners will be able to access the content via Premium Friends or Premium Trials. 



With this update, we’ve introduced Premium Trials. Premium Trials  are timed events that allow non-Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners to experience the maps of our fully released expansion packs before they buy. Sounds similar to Premium Friends, right? It’s the same feature, but without the need to party up with a Premium Pass owner. Earning XP, spawning in vehicles released in the expansion, and progression/unlocks will be restricted to Premium Pass owners. 



  • Soissons: Adjusted Flag D capture area in Frontlines to improve map balance.
  • Nivelle Nights: Fixed a bug where the Out of Bounds grayscale screen-effect would sometimes fail to enable.
  • Nivelle Nights: Fixed an issue where field kits in sector five in a Rush game could be used before the sector was active.
  • Fort de Vaux: Players should no longer be able to get on top of the fort around the courtyard area.


  • Updated the Map Voting system to exclude the previous map (as well as the current map) from the random selection pool to prevent the possible A-B-A-B map play pattern.
  • Game will now cancel matchmaking whenever backing out of the Operations globe screen. This to prevent a lingering blur state of the globe.
  • Synchronized damage taken effect to the actual shooter networked state. Previously it lead to out of sync effects where the shooter was not yet visible.
  • Fixed a rare client crash that could occur when a player joined late and a player just dropped/picked up a weapon.
  • Fixed a disconnect issue that could occur when loading a map.
  • Implemented a lenient latency setting where players are not penalized for having a higher ping.


  • Premium Friends - Non-Premium players' score will show score throughout match on all Scoreboards and End-of-Round screens.


  • Added setting for round time limit multiplier.
  • Added setting for Unlimited Magazines.
  • Countdown no longer stops if players leave between pre-round and game session.
  • Implemented a latency soft lock option where players with a ping higher than 100ms higher get kicked automatically.


  • Fixed issue where the "Player-Created Content" option was grayed-out, unusable, and set to "Hide" after booting the title without a network connection.
  • Fixed the wrong transport driver chase camera caption in the controls UI.
  • The networking issues icons will not show up in Spectator Mode anymore.


Source : https://www.battlefield.com/news/update-notes/prise-de-tahure-update

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Battlefield 1 May Update Notes

Welcome to the first of the monthly updates! We’ve focused on feedback from the community regarding gameplay, weapons, tweaks, balances, and adjustments to Operations.

We hope you enjoy this update and we definitely want your feedback on the official Battlefield Forums once you’ve had some time to test out the fixes, features, and tweaks.

Jojje “Indigowd” Dalunde and Andrew Gulotta




We’ve received a lot of feedback from gamers regarding matchmaking into Operations servers, and we’ve made some adjustments – the first of many – to help mitigate getting matched to an empty server.

With this change, a completed match of Operations will loop back to the same Operation rather than exiting the mode. However, you’ll be on the opposite side of the battlefield. For example, if you started as the French Army in the first Operation, you’ll be on the German side when it loops back after the “End of Operation” screen.

By remaining on the same server with other players, instead of returning to the globe screen, we believe this will reduce the occurrence of being matched into an empty server. In the coming updates, we plan to continue to expand this feature to cycle through a complete Operation playlist.




We’ve tested Premium Friends twice in the last couple of months, and we’re bringing it back again. It will be active as we lead up to EA PLAY.




  • Fixed a Spectator Mode bug where the first-person camera could become stuck during the Pigeon Carrier Artillery camera sequence on the Assault Tank.
  • Changed ticket count for Domination to 200 from 100.
  • Fixed missing game mode description for Operations.
  • Tweaked scoring values for capturing flags in Conquest. Capturing gives less score now, however more capture ticks have been added and the team controlling more than 3 flags than the other team will be awarded Conquest Control bonuses.
  • Decreased the percentage of contribution to flag capture/neutralize from 50% to 30%.
  • Added “Join Any Operation” button to main Operations screen. Will start a matchmaking session to join any available operation at any size (40 or 64).
  • Spectator camera no longer missing from the map on Frontlines, Verdun, and Soissons.



  • Tweaked self-repair for A7V, FT17, St. Chamond, and Pierce Arrow.
  • Reduced health gained per self-repair cycle from 320 to 200.
  • Reduced time taken to complete a self-repair cycle from 8s to 5s.
  •         o   This makes these vehicles' self-repair equivalent to the self-repair of the MkV Landship.
  • Doubled the health of Field Gun and Stationary AA. Made Field Gun and Stationary AA repairable. Field Gun and Stationary AA will now enter a disabled state at 50% health where they become unusable. To use the weapons again they must be repaired back to 100% with the repair tool.
  • Increased time that the shell camera is active on the MkV mortar landship from 3.5s to 4.5s. This better suits the increased flight time of the new heavy shell.
  • Changed how max range for AA is applied. Max range now varies depending on the pitch of the gun. Shells can travel a maximum horizontal distance of 300m, and a maximum vertical distance of 450m. This applies to both the stationary AA and the AA truck. Previously AA shells timed out at the same max distance from the gun regardless of direction, resulting in a roughly spherical volume covered by the gun. This means horizontal range was as large as the max height the shells could reach, and that at very high altitudes the AA could cover very little area, even if its range was technically large. The new AA shells will have slightly less horizontal range than before at low altitudes, but they will retain that range all the way to the flight ceiling. This will make AA much more effective against high altitude aircraft without making it able to reach distant, low flying ones as well.
  • Extended Fighter and Attack Plane elevator flap scaling curves to better cover the entire speed range.
  • Reduced cooldown of speed boost ability from 30s to 15s for both the Dogfighter and Airship Buster Attack Plane.
  • Set up rear view on all planes: Albatros, Fokker, Spad, Sopwith, Rumpler, Halberstadt, Salmson, Bristol, Gotha, Caproni. To activate: Hold freelook while in third person to use rear view.


Attack Plane Changes:

  • Retuned attack plane elevator flap scaling curve. Attack Plane turning will now be much closer to that of Fighters, but still slightly worse.

Improved Underused Attack Plane Variants:

  • Increased damage of the Airship Buster variant's primary MG from 32 to 40. This puts its AA DPS on par with Fighter MGs.
  • With its speed boost active, the new flap scaling curves will allow this variant to achieve a higher turn rate than the Fighter for a short time. The reduced cooldown on speed boost will allow this advantage to be used more often.
  • Together these changes should make the Airship Buster more competitive with Fighters in its air to air role.
  • Increased velocity of tank hunter 37mm from 222m/s to 267m/s and reduced drag from 0.005 to 0.003. These changes should make the 37mm slightly easier to land hits with, especially against moving or distant targets.




Changes to Fighter plane variants:



  • Added new secondary weapon, Incendiary Ammo. Incendiary Ammo does greatly increased damage to plane parts, allowing the dogfighter to quickly cripple an enemy plane by breaking a wing.
  • Changed active ability from emergency repair to speed boost.

Bomber Killer

  • Changed active ability from speed boost to emergency repair.

Swapping speed boost and emergency repair on the Dogfighter and Bomber Killer should help both variants in their respective roles. Speed boost gives the Dogfighter a maneuverability edge over the other Fighter variants, and emergency repair gives the Bomber Killer a better chance of surviving tail gun fire from Bombers and Attack Planes.

Increased field gun damage against light vehicles. Armored cars will no longer take less damage than light tanks from field gun hits.




Changes to FT Packages

  • Close Support Tank:

        o   Increased 37mm HE ammo from 4 to 5.

        o   Replaced Secondary Case shell with Coaxial LMG. These changes should help this tank better fulfill its general purpose role.


  • Flanker Tank:

        o   Increased reload time on the autocannon from 2.5s to 3.75s.

        o   Increased HE autocannon direct damage from 15-10.5 to 17.5-12.5.

        o   This results in a 20% reduction in cannon uptime. The direct damage increase will offset the lower uptime against vehicles when targeting vehicles. These changes should make the Flanker slightly less effective against infantry.


  • Howitzer Tank:

        o   Corrected primary weapon to HMG as shown in customization, this was actually LMG. The more powerful HMG should help offset its limited firing arc when compared to the Coaxial LMG of the Close Support Variant.

        o   Changed driver secondary weapon from case shell to flamethrower on the A7V Flame Tank Variant. This change will reinforce this variant's role as a close range tank.

        o   Added third person freelook to the FT Howitzer Variant. Missed this one with the other tanks because the normal version has a turret that can rotate 360 anyway.


  • Added rear firing Tankgewehr as driver secondary weapon for the Tank Hunter Landship Variant.
  • Enabled driving and third person camera while using driver rear guns in the Squad Support and Tank Hunter Landships.
  • Improved MkV Mortar Landship Variant Changed secondary mortar shell from airburst mortar to heavy mortar. Heavy mortar does much more damage and is effective against both infantry and vehicles, but has a much longer reload.
  • Replaced alternate smoke and gas mortar shells with track repair and vehicle smoke equipment. These changes should make the mortar Landship more viable as a combat vehicle, rather than sitting in mortar stance in the backline.
  • Fixed a bug with third person aiming on vehicles that caused a bullet to not fire in the correct direction when aiming at a soldiers head while they are on a horse.




  • Changes to bayonet charge:

        o   Activated aiming speed modifier during prepare state as well as charge state. This means a player can rotate a maximum of 50 degrees during the prepare state. Also added an input modifier disabling strafe while charging.

        o   Adding subtle boost to third person footsteps when bayonet charging to increase threat awareness. Boosted volume of Enemy VO for Bayonet Charge when close to player.

        o   Slightly reduced maximum turn rate while charging.

        o   Removed damage reduction while in charge. Weapons will now hit charging players for normal damage.

  • Fixed bug where Bipod Audio could persist when switching to secondary weapon.
  • Tweaked criteria for cross-class medal to require single shot rifles.
  • Added UI for grenade resupply.
  • Reduced the occluder size for the scope glint from 0.25m to 0.15m to hide it behind walls better.


  • Added a camera shake advanced gameplay option to adjust the amount of camera shake caused by explosions, etc.
  • Added missing spotting animation when spotting a downed allied soldier as a medic with the Medical Syringe.
  • Automatically show low on ammo icons on friendly soldiers.


  • Players using controllers can now do custom button/stick mappings.
  • Fixed “Select Operation” button not properly appearing when using the joypad or on console.


  • Moved ping widget to be below the kill log.
  • Fixed an issue in the squad select screen where no squad would be automatically selected for player not part of a squad. The first squad in the list will now be selected by default. Also added support on PC for pressing the space bar to join/leave a squad.
  • Fixed issue with the flag icons and world icons ghosting when going in and out of the customize screen from the deploy screen.
  • Added ability to disable UGC 


  • Implemented per region threshold settings for server side hit detection: 160ms for US + Europe, 200ms elsewhere.
  • Fixed server side hit registration interpolation.
  • Leading shot only necessary by the margin above the threshold, e.g. For US @ 180ms ping, you have to lead by 20ms.
  • Fixed latency display for server which is also responsible for decision if to perform client or server side hit registration.
  • Fixed input offsets for server side hit registration to match client side.
  • Fixed wrong hit indicator display when dying.



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No better way to stay warm than with some hot, new updates

We’re happy to share with you some of the features we’ve been working on the last couple of months. In the Battlefield 1 Winter Update we’re bringing back the ever-popular ribbons from previous Battlefield titles. We’ve also heard your request to up Class Rank caps from 10. The new max Class Rank is now 50. Oh, and there will be unlockables on the way to maxing your Class Rank.

There are plenty of other new features and improvements, both big and small, in the Battlefield 1 Winter Update. We look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield!



You will now be able to collect Ribbons as you play. There are 20 different Ribbons to collect, and each time you get a Ribbon you also receive 300XP. The Ribbons are designed to promote good teamplay and playing the objective. If you have suggestions for other Ribbons you’d like us to add, we’re always listening! This is just the beginning.


It is now possible to unlock an Elite Codex for eight of the available primary weapons in the game. All you need to do is get 500 more kills per applicable weapon. Not only will you get a shiny Elite Codex, but you will also be awarded 25,000 bonus XP. Not bad when you’re chasing those new Class Ranks.


We were impressed by how fast players reached Rank 10 in each primary Class. The new max Class Rank will now be 50. Let’s see how fast you reach max! When you hit 50, you will be granted some extra nice Class flair in the kill card to taunt your fallen foes. There will also be Dog Tags that you can unlock as you progress towards max Class Rank 50.


With the Winter Update we’re releasing some highly anticipated rent-a-server features. RSP admins will now be able to kick players from their server using the in-game UI, or swing a mighty ban hammer if someone is misbehaving. RSP admins will now also have prioritised access to their server.

On top of this, we’ve added the feature to vote for the next map after a match is over. Players on the server will get two options to vote for, and whichever alternative gets the most votes will be the next map. The options will be randomly selected from the server’s map rotation. This is done during the end of round screen, so no extra time between rounds has been added.


Game Improvements




Fixed some parts of vehicles that were improperly placed in front of 1p cameras when taking or repairing damage to them.

Fixed tank driver weapon visuals not functioning correctly for other players when the driver uses a 3p camera.

Fixed an issue where the Heavy Tank would not show on the minimap when firing.

Reduced the cooldown of gas abilities on vehicles from 30-32s to 25 seconds to make up for reduced gas duration.

Fixed issue where multiple tanks could become available to a team when they shouldn't be.




Fixed an issue where the Warbond symbol overlapped the amount of available warbonds in Arabic language.

Fixed an issue where the kill log would be visible in the deploy screen in Hardcore mode.

Fixed an issue where player nametag would not show in the kill log for some type of kills.

Improved the logic for fading out crosshairs and UI when aiming down sights.

Fixed English spelling error for magnification.

Kit rank progress bar now becomes invisible once you reach max rank.

Vehicle selection is now disabled while the preround countdown is running in order to provide a more fair selection process for vehicles.

Increased the time for re-selecting invalid deploy points from 3 to 10 seconds to avoid 100% automatic reselection when squad members are under fire.

Fixed issue where amount of warbonds could overlap UI container.

Fixed issue where XP boost could overlap UI container.

Fixed an issue where players would join an Operation when it had progressed too far, almost at the end.

Improved performance in the menu system.

Tweaked design of friends list.

Player will now track first medal by default.

RSP server information will now display owner of server.

Now sorts regular servers below RSP servers in the server browser.

Added server information in ...-menu.

Fixed a bug where joining server animation started twice when joining server.

Fixed a bug where the user remained in hang after failing to join a server.

Fixed a bug where the tracked medal was not highlighted.

Fixed a bug where players were unable to see the highlighted text in end of round.

Fixed a bug where players were prompted with "Matchmaking failed" when switching between Quickmatch modes.

Fixed a bug where the party hub did not update party members.

Fixed a bug where stats required reentering the weapons page to update.

Fixed a bug where players were unable to invite to party from comcenter after booting the title via party game invite with a 6+ people party.

Fix animation issue on personalised recommendation cards.

Fixed a bug where personalised recommendation cards would not fade.

Fixed a bug where the context menu was misaligned when the user clicked on it for the first time.

Fixed a bug where the highlight was broken after the user selected a vehicle with service star in the vehicle tab.

Fixed a bug where players were left in hang when dismissing the "Matchmaking Failed" while the "you have no scraps" prompt was active in loading screen.

Fixed a bug where players could scroll using "R" in the comcenter on console.

Fixed a bug where the end of round countdown stopped when quickly navigating through the tabs.

Fixed a bug where the mouse scroll did not work in list of recommendation cards.

Fixed a bug where content moved around in the menu when players were spamming down on the d-pad.

Fixed a bug where players entered an unplayable state when attempting to join a game session via the Xbox friend's tab.

Fixed a bug where it was not possible to inspect skins in the Inventory.

Fixed a bug where Standard Battlepack real-money price sometimes did not show up.

Fixed 7 UI related crash bugs.

Fixed several localization issues.


Map Adjustments

Fixed an issue with floating debris after destroying a table.

Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a table.

Player will no longer clip through the visual mesh of windmill interiors.

Grenades and dynamite will no longer fall through the floor of the windmill balcony.

Removed flickering effect on tall wooden fences.

Destruction fixed between tall wooden fence parts.

Fixed Conquest spawn locations on Suez.  Moved one up so player no longer spawns underground, moved another out of a tree.

Fixed issue where underwater sounds could get stuck on land.

Fixed issue where the player could move on top of the map on Argonne Forest.

Fixed issue where Hint Line for train did not disappear after performing indicated action or even leaving the behemoth on Conquest, Suez.



Side gun meshes weren't rendering for 3p spectators depending on which weapon was used and if that particular seat was spectated.

Fixed an issue with the "Tankghewehr 1918" Elite weapon replenished ammo after picking up any dropped weapon kit.

Bayonet charge kills should now properly award service stars.

Fixed illogical behavior when using K Bullets with the Martini-Henry.

Tweaked post reload delays to better match animations on the following weapons:

  • Cei-Rigotti 0.4 to 0.6 s.
  • Mondragon 0.5 to 0.5667 s.
  • Selbstlader 1906 0.8 to 1.0667 s.
  • Bodeo 1.1 to 1.0 s.
  • Bulldog 1.0 to 1.1 s.

Increased long reload time of Autoloading 8 .25 Extended from 2.9 to 3.066 s.

Improved Selbstlader 1906 aimed accuracy, reduced recoil and decreased spread.

Increased horizontal recoil by 14.3%:

  • Automatico Trench
  • Hellriegel Factory
  • M1909 Storm
  • Madsen Storm
  • MG15 Storm
  • BAR Storm

Increased horizontal recoil of Lewis Optical and M1909 Optical by 10% when ADS.

Reduced horizontal recoil of some self-loading rifles:

  • Autoloading 8 0.6 to 0.4.
  • Cei-Rigotti 0.64 to 0.56.
  • M1907 SL 0.84 to 0.7.

Upped recoil decrease of "Low Weight" SLRs from 6 to 7.

Increased damage of the Martini-Henry between 30 and 80 meters slightly.

Reduced the damage of impact grenades from 80 to 72"

Tweaked the damage behavior of the 12 g Automatic shotgun to balance all variants better against each other:

  • Extended: Increased pellet cone from 1.6 to 1.8 degrees. Should now two hit kill a healthy target up to about 18 meters.
  • Backbored: Reduced pellet cone from 1.28 to 1.2 degrees. Should now two hit kill a healthy target up to about 19 meters.
  • Hunter: Reduced pellet cone from 1.28 to 1.2 degrees. Should now two hit kill a healthy target up to about 21 meters.
  • All: Moved out damage dropoff by 1 m and added damage curves.

Model 10-A Slug changes: 

  • Reduced aimed dispersion from 0.3 to 0.24 when stationary and from 0.50 to 0.48 when moving.
  • Increased muzzle velocity from 380 to 420.
  • Reduced damage against gut, arms and legs.
  • Added ability to kill a healthy target with shots to the gut or upper arms within 8 meters.
  • Increased lethal range from chest shots from 10 to 11 meters.
  • Evened out recoil direction.

Increased No.3 Revolver rate of fire in ADS from 119 to 138.

Added missing tiered reloading to flash flares.

Fixed Selbstlader 1906 and GasserM1870 last round fired animations for accuracy.

Fixed Gasser round-in-cylinder rotation during reload loop.

Fixed slide travel on several automatic pistols during fires and reloads.

Fixed hammer position of Mars pistol during reload.

Fix of Auto Revolver reload interrupt tiers and speedloader visibility.

Removed visual recoil from ADS fire anims on Mle 1903, Pieper Carbine, 1903 Experimental.

Fixed issue with tiered reloading in the Mle 1903.

Corrected Frommer Stop Auto magazine capacity from 14+1 to 15+1.

Corrected errors in moving dispersion for crouched hipfire on shotguns.

Retune of Revolver No 3 reload audio to match new animation. Added hammer cocking to ADS firing animation.

Retune of Luger1906 Reload Audio to match new animation.

Automatico M1918 sometimes showed the wrong name (it was called Modello 1918 in a few places).

The Tankgewehr now resupplies 4 rounds at once.

Made damage of the Russian 1895 Trench and Horse drop slower to give them a slightly better 2 hit kill range.

Retuned audio on Gasser reload to match new animation. Added hammer cock/decock to Deploy and Undeploy to match animation.



Fixed an issue in Spectator where a 1P overlay appears for spectators viewing players in fortress guns in 3P or when spectating the artillery truck driver in 3P while the driver zooms.

New button added in Spectator mode to view the gamer card of a spectated player.

Added button labels to the view modes in Spectator mode for PS4/Xbox One.

Bayonet recharged sound could trigger from any soldier on spectator clients. This should now only occur for spectated soldiers.

Added extra check for "not team neutral" to gate announcer VO when in Spectator mode Freecam or Tabletop views.

Added gates to Impaired Hearing Mixer, Low Health Mixer, Gas Supression Mixer to not activate for spectators in freecam/tabletop view.

Added extra checks for Low Health and Gas Supression SFX/mixers to start if spectator enters player view while SFX/mixers should be active.

Possession announcer VO will now not play for freecam and tabletop spectators.

Fixes Pre-EOR music not activating for spectators (all game-modes).

Gated "Lost Objective" VO to not play for spectators in Conquest/Operation/Domination.

Fixed corrupted VFX when players shoot the Flare Gun in all camera modes.

Fix for parts of the train disappearing while spectating a player in the train in 3rd person or director.

Fixed the Spectator boundaries to be the same as the plane boundaries on Giant's Shadow.

Fixed a spectator bug with the behemoth icon staying at the center of the screen if you exit player view mode before it is moved to the final position at the top of the screen.

Fixed an issue where the option "show player outlines"/Squad Pin stopped working when switching through players.

Fixed an issue where the player could not select the numbered freecam they were just on from a drop camera.

Fixed a bug where Battlepacks and Medals were present in loading screen when joining as Spectator.

Fixed a bug where players did not receive the option to join friend as spectator on consoles from comcenter.



Improved cavalry victim experience. You should no longer get killed by cavalry using a saber from multiple meters away.

Fixed errors where Elite Kits had unintentionally high health regeneration delays and carried too many grenades.

Increased the threshold for suppression effects to prevent suppression from occurring too early.

Reduced gas duration from 22 to 15 seconds.

Tweaked suppression effects and low health visuals.

Fixed VO issue in Rush when defenders have interacted with telegraph to send enemies coordinates.



We now support two flight stick devices, and have, with cooperation from our partners at Logitech, added support for additional flight sticks. Players can now use independent flight stick and throttles.

Fixed PC custom keybindings not properly remapping for Behemoths.



Reduce maximum displacement of high ping players when missing updates.

Fixed huge extrapolation times for good connections after frame spikes.


Custom Game

Added custom game setting to toggle Behemoth.

Added custom game setting to toggle Squad Leader Only Spawn.


Source: https://www.battlefield.com/en-au/news/update-notes/winter-update



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Battlefield™ 1 They Shall Not Pass Update Notes

Welcome to the first of four themed digital expansion packs for Battlefield 1. With "They Shall Not Pass" we are introducing one of the most notable forces of World War 1: The French in their ferocious defense of their country. It will bring a diverse gameplay experience with close quarter infantry skirmishes underground alongside large scale vehicular warfare amongst rolling hills in the French countryside.

The expansion pack and update contains:

  • 4 new maps with big contrasts
  • 2 new immersive Operations
  • The French Army
  • 1 New elite class - The Trench Raider
  • 1 new Assault Tank
  • 1 new Behemoth - The super-sized tank “Char 2C”
  • 6 new unlockable Primary weapons
  • 4 new melee weapons
  • 1 new game mode - Frontlines
  • A new type of skins in Battlepacks
  • New melee puzzles in Battlepacks
  • Play as party improvements – Party Leader

Note: The Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass update is a required download for all Battlefield 1 players. This has several benefits, including that players who don’t yet own the expansion will be able to watch Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass matches through Spectator Mode.


New Maps

Verdun Heights

Enter an intense infantry-only map capturing the action of the opening barrage of the Battle of Verdun which created massive forest fires with players having to fight for domination. It is an uphill battle towards the massive fortresses of Verdun. The artillery never stops, prepare to enter hell!


New Maps

Fort De Vaux

This is an intense infantry-only map capturing the action outside and inside of Fort de Vaux. This was the first big engagement inside a fort during World War 1 and takes place in the dark underworld of Fort de Vaux. There is a maze of dark galleries and wet stone corridors where French and German soldiers fight ferociously with grenades, guns, bayonets and flamethrowers.


New Maps


Here you will see players take part in one of the biggest tank assaults of World War 1 with the French 10th army moving to take back Soissons using their powerful St. Chamond tanks. It takes place in the early hours of a hot summer day with planes, tanks and infantry clashing in the beautiful French countryside. Only the thunderstorm is louder than the war.


New Maps


This map sees a maze of dead tank wrecks providing a fertile ground for ambushes. This leads to a dire need from the French army to capture key bridges across the Aisne river and in to battlefields where poppies grow over rusty wrecks from previous tank battles. As the sun sets over Fontenoy, the battle wakes up.


New Operations

Devil's Anvil

Engage in this infantry focused Operation taking place on Verdun Heights and Fort De Vaux. Fight your way up the fiery inferno and progress down underground to secure the victory. Make sure you let the Trench Raider lead the way and strike fear in your opponent’s hearts as he gets up close and personal with his raider club.


New Operations

Beyond the Marne

Start your engines. In Beyond the Marne players will engage in vehicular warfare across the Soissons and Rupture maps. Use the size of these maps to take control over the battlefield and wreak havoc on your opponents with the new Char 2C super-sized tank Behemoth as the sound of its menacing engines approaches the battle.


The French Army

Hardened and fearless, the French Army joins the fight in Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass. Don the faction’s characteristic blue uniform, and participate in the brutal defense of your homeland. The French Army has the classic Battlefield classes of Assault, Support, Medic and Scout. In addition to the Tanker, Pilot and Cavalry Vehicle Kits and the Sentry, Tank Hunter and Flame Trooper Elite Classes. There is also the new Trench Raider Elite Class.


The Trench Raider

Like our other Elite Classes, the Trench Raider, is a pick-up kit available being introduced in Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass. It is inspired by the heavily armored French Grenadiers with its body armor providing increased resistance to incoming damage. The Trench Raider Elite Class has melee as a primary weapon, several types of grenades and a sidearm for non-close combat engagement.


The Assault tank - St Chammond

The brand new St Chammond tank introduces a new class of tanks into the land vehicle mix – the Assault Tank. It is a fast, long & low profile tank featuring multiple machinegun positions in addition to the powerful 75mm main gun. This new tank comes with 3 new packages: Field Assault, Gas Assault & Standoff Assault. Each package introduces a brand new feature to vehicle gameplay. First, the Field Assault package introduces the Pigeon Carrier Artillery. Echoing BF1’s campaign, the driver can release a pigeon that will call friendly artillery to your position. A dangerous move that can be used to your advantage in desperate situations. The Gas Assault package is equipped with a unique delayed fuse high explosive shell in addition to both close- and long-range gas abilities.  Finally, the Standoff Assault package introduces the Spotting Searchlight that will spot ranged targets for its crew and friendly forces nearby. The Searchlight will also temporarily blind nearby enemy soldiers.


The Behemoth - Char 2C

Spawn into the Char 2C tank and control an epic new behemoth. This super-heavy beast may turn the tide of the entire battle. This powerful behemoth is an extreme threat to enemy vehicles, as it will destroy any armored vehicle in 2 or 3 hits! As an infantry you are somewhat safer unless you are in range of its 3 machinegun positions or the powerful rear-mounted auto cannon. Agility is one thing this behemoth lacks and clever enemies will stay in its blind spots. The front and the rear cannons have limited traverse; however, their operator have unique viewports through a rotating metal slit canopy that give them a very clear view of the battlefield.


New Weapons

All the new weapons in They Shall Not Pass can be acquired via the new Weapon Assignments, 12 in total. An Assignment consists of one or two tasks that can be done independently. The tasks usually highlight a team play action (such as reviving) and a weapon that has not been highlighted enough in the past (such as the slug shotgun for example).

Ribeyrolles SMG

RSC 1917 Single Action Rifle

  • Factory
  • Optical

Chauchat LMG

  • Low Weight
  • Telescopic

Lebel Model 1886 Bolt Action Rifle

  • Infantry
  • Sniper

Sjögren Inertial Shotgun

Cogwheel Club Melee Weapon

Nail Knife Melee Weapon

Trench Fleur Melee Weapon

Mle 1903 Extended Tanker Carbine


New Melee Weapons

  • Cogwheel Club
  • Nail Knife
  • Trench Fleur

The Assignments for these are intentionally more difficult as the new weapons awarded are variants of existing melee weapons that provide the same functionality. Melee weapon connoisseurs will appreciate the challenge and the change to wield something unique on the battlefield.

In addition, the Trench Raider Elite Class will have its own unique Raider Club primary melee weapon.


New game mode - Frontlines

This is a 32 player mode that is a tug-of-war with the front line moving in both directions. We see it as having a fluid transition from classic Battlefield modes, Conquest into Rush, and vice versa.

Both teams fight for one flag at a time and when this objective is captured the action moves on to the next. Capture the enemy’s HQ control point and the game turns into a Rush-style section where telegraph posts need to be attacked or defended.


New Battlepack features

We are introducing a new French themed style of weapon skins for the new weapons. It comes in the same rarity as the weapon skins for the standard weapons; Special, Distinguished and Legendary. We are also adding 3 new melee weapon puzzles:


Party Leader feature

Every party will now have a party leader, usually the party creator, identified by a star. The party leader is in charge of joining a multiplayer game for the party. All other party members will be notified when the party leader has found a game. A normal party member can still join a multiplayer session but other party members will not get notified for it.


Scrap Exchange

In short, the Scrap Exchange will let the player exchange their Scraps for Battlepack items. The Scrap Exchange will offer a few selected items available every Battlepack revision, with various rarities and Scrap prices. These items will rotate together with Battlepack Revisions, so the offers are time limited.


Game Improvements


Weapons and Gadgets


As part of an ongoing effort to address excessive use of explosive gadgets and grenades, we changed the way grenades resupply for this release. The goal for these changes is to reduce the amount of grenades available while getting constantly resupplied, as it is common in choke points, without making resupplies unnecessarily long in other gameplay.

Similar to some gadgets, all grenades slowly resupply when out of ammo. This resupply is greatly sped up when near an ammo crate.

The resupply timers are as follows:

  • Frag: 36 seconds
  • Light AT: 36 seconds
  • Impact: 36 seconds
  • Incendiary: 36 seconds
  • Gas: 27 seconds
  • Mini: 24 seconds
  • Smoke: 18 seconds
  • Resupplies are 3 times as fast near ammo crates
  • Reduced Smoke, Gas and Mini Grenade ammo from 2 to 1
  • Ammo pouches currently no longer resupply grenades

These changes are subject to tweaking in future releases. We are looking to expanding this system to more gadgets in the future.



MG 08/15:

  • Decreased horizontal recoil from 0.7 to 0.3
  • Full accuracy is reached one shot earlier
  • Fixed bad reload timers on M1911 Extended:
  • Tactical reload time increased from 1.4 to 1.6 s
  • Empty reload time increased from 2.3 to 2.6 s
  • Reload threshold reduced from 1.1 to 0.78
  • Fixed staged reload timers
  • Fixed an issue where the MG 08/15 would overheat much faster on PS4 and XB1 than on PC and set the new overheat threshold to 67 bullets
  • PS4: Fixed an issue where the MG 08/15 was overheating too fast and set the new overheat threshold to 67 bullets
  • Xbox One: Fixed an issue where the MG 08/15 was overheating too fast and set the new overheat threshold to 67 bullets

M1903 Experimental:

  • Reduced rate of fire from 450 to 360
  • Increased close range damage, allowing it to kill a healthy soldier with 4 hits within 16 meters
  • Self-Loading Rifles and Pieper M1893:
  • Made recoil decrease smoother
  • Most recoil values were tweaked, but are not comparable to previous releases
  • Updated the way the CONTROL value is calculated to better represent the amount of recoil that players have to compensate for
  • Self-Loading Rifles
  • Fixed an issue where spread would reset too quickly after firing
  • Reduced base spread increase per shot of self-loading rifles from 0.25 to 0.2
  • Decreased base spread decrease per second from 3.75 to 3
  • Decreased the spread increase per shot bonus in ADS that Marksman, Sniper and Optical versions get to maintain the old effective spread increase per shot values of 0.125
  • Added a small bonus to spread decrease per second for Marksman, Sniper and Optical versions
  • Reduced the number of magazines carried by the M97 Trench Gun by 1


  • Increased moving hip fire dispersion by 0.25 degrees
  • Fixed incorrect CONTROL values for Low Weight LMGs

Madsen MG

  • Reduced first shot recoil multiplier from 1.9 to 1.8
  • Reduced horizontal recoil from 0.6 to 0.55


  • Reduced vertical recoil from 0.38 to 0.35
  • Reduced Experimental third shot recoil multiplier from 1.8 to 1.5
  • Doubled Experimental spread decrease per second in ADS

Automatico M1918:

  • Reduced vertical recoil from 0.44 to 0.40
  • Increased horizontal recoil from 0.8 to 1.2
  • Increased Trench and Storm first shot recoil multiplier from 2.65 to 2.8
  • Decreased Factory first shot recoil multiplier from 2.65 to 2.33
  • Increased Factory recoil decrease from 12 to 16
  • Increased Frommer Stop Auto horizontal recoil from 1.0 to 1.2

Hellriegel 1915:

  • Increased 1915 horizontal recoil from 0.8 to 0.95
  • Overheating now cancels ADS
  • Increased moving hip fire dispersion by 0.25 degrees


  • Increased Impact grenade minimum time before explosion from 0.7 to 1.0 seconds
  • Increased Incendiary grenade minimum time before explosion from 0.67 to 1.3 seconds
  • Increased Mini Grenade damage from 65 to 72
  • Decreased inner blast radius Light AT Grenades from 2.0 to 1.5
  • Decreased inner blast radius Assault AT Grenades to 1.5 from 2.0
  • Reduced Tripwire INC ammo from 2 to 1 to better account for its high damage and AOE


  • The crossbow launcher now regenerates all its ammo even when not reloaded
  • Increased auto replenish time from 15 to 25 seconds
  • K bullets now resupply in 2 s rather than 5
  • Reduced suppression by friendly gas and prevented coughing at low levels of gas suppression

Game Improvements


AA cannons:

  • Removed blast and impact impulse to prevent them from pushing and rotating planes
  • Reduced impact damage to planes by 50% for fighters and attack planes and by 40% for bombers
  • Fixed an issue where players could get the crosshairs back after pressing E while zooming in a vehicle in Hardcore
  • The bomber will no longer destroy certain structures when crashing in to them
  • Fixed an issue with certain vehicle gunner seats where the ADS stopped working once the weapon has been overheated.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI did not update correctly when using certain gunner seats in the Heavy Tank
  • Fixed an issue where the Armored Car turret accuracy was off, it’s now aligned with the cross hair


  • Reduced A7V flamethrower range from 44 to 24 meters to better match the VFX
  • Reduced A7V flamethrower speed inheritance and velocity and increased time to live for more predictable behavior

Game Improvements

User Interface

Emblem Reporting

In addition to the End of Round scoreboard, reporting emblems is now possible to do from the in-game scoreboard as well.



The previous mid screen popup notification system has been replaced with a new notification system showing notifications in the upper left corner of the screen instead. This improvement has also solved a number of popup related issues.


New melee weapons in Puzzles screen

There are now three new melee weapons to complete with puzzle pieces gained in Battlepacks.


UI Improvements

Rental servers:

  • Added Behemoths and Full Magazine settings for use with Custom games
  • Improved the kick reason when banning players
  • Improved the Kick and Ban flows from the in-game admin

Improved error message when losing network connectivity under certain conditions

Rank icon for Hero Class is now displayed on the Weapons & Gadgets screen

Server browser limit of how many servers to show has been increased

Medals that are not taken are now shown as dimmed

Time in Vehicles is now rounded to full minutes for vehicle stats

Adjusted position of carousel arrow buttons on home to be less on top of the cards

Class Rank progression is now shown on End of Round screen

Speed-ups and streamlining of Battlepacks opening sequence

PC: Various mouse UI focus improvements


UI Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the title could hang if losing network connectivity while matchmaking into an Operation
  • Navigating Battlepacks on Loading screen after entering a second time
  • Issue with navigating BF4 assignments from BF1
  • Rare occurrence where a number would be shown instead of game server name in the server browser
  • Utilizing $ in server filters now works correctly
  • Rare crash when watching video in the UI for many hours
  • Favorite star can now be seen when the favorite server is selected in the server browser
  • Fixed hang issue when loosing connectivity on "Get Battlepacks" screen
  • Battlepacks shortcut now updates correctly on home screen
  • Removed incorrect progress bars from vehicle stats
  • Disabled order part of commo rose in Team Death Match
  • Fixed text alignment EOR Map voting in the Arabic version of the game
  • Fixed text alignment in the Customize Soldier screen in the Arabic version of the game
  • Fixed several typos present in various Codex descriptions
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player list in the deploy screen not to be selectable as intended
  • Soldier inventory now properly displays on HUD when option is set to always show.
  • Fixed an issue where the Squad XP boost percentage number is shown out of place in the Arabic version of the game
  • Minor text changes to Achievements
  • Fixed an issue where the "Party Join" notification would still be active after the notice would disappear
  • Sidearm skins are now visible in the kill card
  • Fixed an issue where there was overlapping Arabic text on the Medals screen
  • The Grenade Crossbow now has a correct Codex image
  • Players are now rewarded with corresponding Dog Tag for obtaining Service Stars with the Crossbow Launcher
  • PC: The skip button for the Battlepacks unboxing sequence no longer appears twice when using a gamepad
  • PC: Shoulder button indicators no longer appears and disappears when using a gamepad
  • PS4: Fixed bug occurring if purchasing PS Plus while being invited to play

Game Improvements

General Improvements


  • Whole Magazine Reload. This setting will discard all remaining bullets in a clip when reloading.
  • The Flare Gun is no longer available when choosing "Melee" only in the server configuration

Reduced the intensity of the fog on Giant's Shadow

Fixed visual issue for the Medic's syringe when used in certain indoor areas

Fixed an issue where the "Corporal" trophy would not unlock when reaching the unlock criteria

Ribbons now correctly award 500XP each

Fixed an issue where the player would not get idle-kicked from the server when being idle

Fixed an issue where the "War Bonds" trophy would not unlock when reaching the unlock criteria

Fixed an issue where new installation of the game and its system files would fail due to missing files.

Fixed an issue where the weapon firing animation becomes erratic when looking up or down.

Fixed an issue where the wrong thumbnail image was being shown in the Map Vote screen for Ballroom Blitz

Fixed an issue where it would rain inside of certain indoor areas on the Giant's Shadow map

Fixed an issue where the Heavy Tank exhaust pipes would not emit smoke when used operated

Fixed an issue where the Torpedo Boat would not leave wreckage after being destroyed

Fixed some clipping issues on the Giants Shadow map

Fixed an issue where players sometimes would be quick matched into a server in the wrong region

Medical Crates no longer explode when destroyed

Fixed an issue where the weapon audio was muffled when spectating a player in first person

Fixed an issue where the gas grenade VFX would not disappear if a soldier is killed by the gas

Fixed an issue where a corrupted flag animation would be visible at the end of round sometimes

Fixed an issue where a flag would appear to be floating in mid-air on Giant's Shadow's C objective.

Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in a weird state if getting killed immediately following a revive

Fixed an issue where players could see through the smoke clouds caused by smoke grenades while playing on low settings

Fixed an issue where the screen would sometimes go dark suddenly after a bayonet charge

You can now melee takedown opponents who are using stationary weapons/gadgets

Players entering vehicles with Gas Mask equipped can now use the zoom in the vehicle gunner seats

Improved messaging for spectators between battalions in Operations.

Fixed an audio syncing issue with the Selbstladler 1906 when in the reload animation

Added camera movement when firing and reload sound for vehicle mounted T-gewehr

Added camera movement when firing for Vehicle HMG

Removed Camera movement when driving on the MarkV

Adjusted fire damage volumes across the level and reduced fire damage at B-Flag on Amiens


Source: https://www.battlefield.com/en-au/news/update-notes/bf1-they-shall-not-pass-update


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