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PVE vehicle cleanup Weds 12th Jul 17

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Since taking over as an Admin for the PvE server I've gradually been doing a bit of a cleanup.


Removing the remains of previous bases to free up some of the more popular areas and help with server loading.  Missions seem to be spawning more regularly now as well.


Its now the time for locked vehicles especially near Stary(the carpark). I'll be visiting every locked vehicle on the map not near a plot pole and moving them to the "Pound" in the SW corner of the map. 


The Stary car park will be emptied this weekend with the remaining vehicles moved after the 9am restart Weds 12 Jul 17. 


Any unclaimed vehicles will then be deleted 7 days later.

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Vehicle Cleanup done,  Impound yard now full.  Just a couple left that are new to the server so I left them alone.


Final stage is the dozen or so lockboxes/safes dotted around the map.  PM me with location/s so I can identify those still in use.


Any issues PM me and I deal with when next in game



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