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Hi guys, I was speaking to @[TdS] Jim last night about event ideas, and he has suggested to make a post on the forums.

These are only ideas just to clarify. If others suggest good ideas, I will edit this post and add them to the list of ideas. (REMEMBER: only ideas, doesn't mean the admins will run them)

- Destruction Derby - Unarmed players drive a vehicle around a designated arena smashing into their opponents, the last drive-able vehicle wins.
- Race - Players drive/ride/ski/fly from point A to point B, 1st place wins, optional prizes for 2nd and 3rd.

- All-Rounder Race - Players use a combination of vehicles to get from point A to point B. Works best with checkpoints for swapping of vehicles (eg. jetski from Cherno to Skalisty Island, run up island to helicopter, fly to Berezino, swap to a motorbike and finish at NE airfield)

- Gun Fight - Players fight in a designated arena, last man alive wins. (Works best when ever player has the same gun, and arena is reasonably sized, players can start unarmed and run to crates with weapons in the centre if you want a 'hunger games' feel)

- Blood Fight - Same as above, but with melee weapons instead (hatchet, baseball bat, crowbar, even chainsaws!!!).

- Checkpoint Loot - Loot is placed in a designated area, coords are released or area is marked on map, first in, first served, if they get away alive!!!
- Dogfight - Each player uses a helicopter/plane that is armed or has manual fire, last flying chopper wins.
- Red vs Blue - Players are sorted into teams, one blue, the other red, and are stationed in a prebuilt, basic base each, where they shoot from base to base, the team that eliminates the other team completely wins!


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