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[TdS] philf2469

internet speed

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On 12/21/2016 at 11:38 AM, [TdS] negative_energy said:

You people really have no idea how bad the net is for ALOT of people (myself included), and just to complete my rant ... most people who have NBN already had decent net before they got NBN ... its an absolute joke

Oh i hear you.i thought the whole idea of the nbn was to equalize the disparity between country & city  users .instead it seems that it's the city folk that are all connected first

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Agree totally phil, and on that note ... as most country towns have wireless NBN, the plans on offer are pathetic! The best plan I have found is 1TB @ $90pm, for the same money in the city, you get unlimited and/or Netflix etc doesnt count towards downloads, and a FetchTV, with limited streaming channels.

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