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sector B

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More like sector D, for only douchbags will attempt it.

We had a 6 man team lost near 2 mill in vehicles and it took about 5 hours to clear.

3 to clear enough to get an Armed vehicles helo lifted in side then on the new reset to comback a clear the outside again and get in the BTR60 and mop up the rest inside.

And for what?  4 urals full and garbage.

You  seriously need to rethink sector B loot. I put in 1.2mill myself for the expedition and got absolutely nothing back for it. not to mention everyone who was there at there own expense not getting payed too.

If you don't upgrade the loot to something fantastic like 1 ural full of metal floors the the next cinder walls then a truck fill of cheytacs. It's just not worth forming a possee and initial out lay to even attempted it.

It's not like you can sneak in and raid a rual into a backpack and sneak out. theses AI will head shot you through the smallest gap and you won't evrn knoe they are there. 

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