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Tavi banking

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I'd like to see some kind of banking system in place so if I go AWOL for a while I have a reason to come back to the server because with the current system if I don't play for 2 weeks and all my safes get pilfered I've lost it all and have no reason to return to TDS.

I propose you add 1 hard to reach banker so players have an option for long term storage, all other easy access money will still use the current system.

This should keep everyone happy as it still allows for stealing others money and promotes the use of money storage as it's an inconvenience to get to the bank but also allows for more casual players to secure there cash if needed.

Here are my 3 suggestions.

Red - castle georglev

It's way out there making it a massive inconvenience to get to and a bank in a castle would be kinda cool.

Blue - random island

any random out there island would do I just selected this one because of it's size and location

Green - Tavi zoo

If you wanted it on the main land but still in the middle of no where this would be a good location


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The server was not deigned to have global banking at all and it is not a simple switch.

Safe and vechs will not reset on the tavi server


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