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Taviana Bugs

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After playing for a shot time i have found some bugs.


Heli pads at some traders are to small to land any medium to large size helicopters

Unarmed military- BMP ambulence listed twice, m113 ambulence could replace one of these.


M107 mags glitched (cant buy)

M107 dose not sell

reloging to buy new items/vehicles each time

Not possible to sell Cheytech 


No Black market traders anywhere

Will update list when i find more issues.

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I just fixed locate vechs.

Hold on to that thermal, ill get its classname and remove it from the loot table


bitcoin.png - 1FwDGeBvi5gxx1NuFyMDC69EZSSyLrTSdD

ether.png - 0x5012C012466bD1B7d07936E4429b8434bEB75400

litecoin.png - LfUxrFmJD2m6oqmUS8jkuD5nqTRPoCDZzZ


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Does the Tavi server go offline in the early mornings? On Monday and now today (Wednesday) at 5.30am the server doesn't seem to be running. Not sure about Tuesday as I wasn't on.

A bug or purposely offline?


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