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Respawn menu

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New to the server and loving most of just one suggestion here to improve the whole experience

When you die have it send you back to the character selection not all the way back to the lobby. I've seen this implemented on other servers and it works really well.

We've all been there waiting for character to create, waiting on server authentication just for it to time out and have to start the processes over again.

These are problems with your dedicated server running out of bandwidth so resetting back to the selection screen avoids having to log in from the start.

P.S some banks close to klen and bash would be nice too

P.P.S Reports on gear not saving, old server i played on had this problem too something about not getting a player ID  properly when logging in so nothing you do during the game is saved to the data base.

This is a random glitch and had nothing to do with server population. But was fix by making a script to check and reassign an ID on login. 

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I think this would be a great idea to reduce the ammount of time spent staring at the loading screen.

This server has lots of scripts on it so loading is generally longer than most other servers with loading times of around 30 seconds to a minuite (Good thing I have my iPad nearby!). This may not seem like a long time, but you need to factor in how many times you die.

Somedays I don't die at all (Like yesterday) and others I die around 2-3 times If i feel like running into a mission with a pistol, killing 1 A.I member, stealing his gun and killing the rest.

As for the banks, there is one nearby Klen on the edge of Berezino however, this isn't a safe zone.

A bank at Bash would also be a good idea to help new players starting off run through the airfield, collect guns, sell them at Bash and then deposit their coins and repeat.

Just my $0.02


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