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[TdS] TheCuddlyKoala

Ban Appeal - TheCuddlyKoala

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Dear Team Dedicated Soldiers Staff,

The following information corresponds to a ban that i received for the violation of server rules.

Date: 30/7/14

Time Approximately: 10:20 PM

[TdS] Server: [TdS] BF4 Ranked Server (32 Slot)

Map: Paracel Storm

Player Name: TheCuddlyKoala


The ban was imposed following a joke which escalated far beyond the intended extent and became a direct breach of server rules. It was an immature act in which i changed my Origin ID various times with the intent of impersonating both members and staff of Team Dedicated Soldiers. I then proceeded to connect to the TdS Battlefield 4 server and obviously caused confusion among players.

At the time of the incident i was aware that impersonation of clan members or staff was a blatant violation of the server rules. I completely understand that my actions were not only juvenile but could have potential had negative repercussions for the reputation and image of Team Dedicated Soldiers. I am completely remorseful for my actions and looking back in hindsight realize the stupidity of my actions. The offence i committed was never intended to be an attack on Team Dedicated Soldiers as a clan or any member or staff member within it, it was purely an act of humor which intensified beyond that of the initial intent.

Following the ban i have familiarized myself thoroughly with the server rules and believe that i have now obtained a comprehensive understanding of each of the outlined rules.

Read Rules:

Prior to this conviction i had not read the server rules.

Additional Comments:

I hope that you are able to conciser my apology and understand the circumstances which surrounded the offense i committed. I honestly love socializing with members and staff of Team Dedicated Soldiers and would hate to see this infringement mark the ending point.

Kind Regards and sincerest apologies,



Yass FTW

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I have no issue unbanning you as long you can play by the rules from now on, remember though that next time will be a permanent ban

I'll speak with the others and get back to you with a decision.

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Ban has been lifted, please read the rules and make sure you don't end up here again or you may be banned longer or permanently.

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