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Guest ToxicWanderer

Asked Hypernia about the Battlefield and gamespy issue heres reply

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Guest ToxicWanderer

Hi Shaun,

Unfortunately we do not have any information to share and we are not aware of any patches/changes coming from the EA side that would allow the servers to operate past the gamespy shutdown.

We are looking into alternate solutions, but nothing solid at this time.

Thank you,

Lane Eckley

PurePings Customer Service


FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/Hypernia

Twitter: http://twitter.com/hypernia

PurePings is a division of the Hypernia Corporation


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I have also placed a ticket with Hypernia, and am awaiting a response, I dont expect to really get anywhere with it .. but wanted to add my bit ...

Sorry to bother you on this topic again, so come 30th of this month we loose our server? Its a bit disappointing that you cannot give us any information as to where we go from here?

We would like to continue running our server with you, using the revive bf2 modifications that are being developed (http://www.battlelog.co/), surely this issue could have been addressed before the deadline, as we have all known about this for sometime. I understand that you have an agreement with EA/Dice, but some more information, or maybe some details of someone who we as supporters of this game can contact to voice our concerns would have been helpful.

We have contacted you a few times in regards to this, because we were hoping that this could be sorted before the 30th, as to keep players of the game in the loop.

So, I guess our only option now is to look into other solutions to provide our members and community the ability to continue playing a game we all enjoy.


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Good luck getting answers of Hypernia Neg. I have had a few Hypernia servers in the past and there ability to provide assistance was severely lacking. Good luck is all I can say! :-/


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