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  2. Bf2, one more time!

    good old ribby hay !
  3. Bf2, one more time!

    Im happy to chip in
  4. BAN APPEAL for RinsibleOne Date: 02/13/2018 Time Approx: Around midnight [TdS] Server: [TdS] Teamspeak 3 Map: N/A Player Name: RinsibleOne62 Reason: Disrespecting Admin Read Rules: Yes Additional Comments:
  5. Permanent Ban

    To appeal a ban please use this link. http://tdsclan.com.au/forms/4-appeal-a-tds-server-ban/?/forms/4-appeal-a-tds-server-ban/=
  6. Permanent Ban

    I would like to request a ban appeal, I am willing to apologize for any and all things that you believe I did. I would just like to speak to Zombie about what happened last night. Regards, Rins
  7. Bf2, one more time!

    Hey bud, Thanks for letting us know how things are going in the BF2 world ... we dont really have many members still playing Battlefield at all ... and to be honest, the last time I played (years ago), I found it very dated and had trouble playing lol ... I'll have a chat with members, and see if we can drum up any interest.
  8. Bf2, one more time!

    Hey guys, I know you were some of the last aussie bf2 players so thats why im posting here. I would love to see a aussie bf2 server full and rocking once again! The TEA server still exists and still gets some players at peak hour. hopefully some of you are keen to jump back on for a few rounds. also revive bf2 was shutdown so you need BF2Hub to play now.
  9. PUBG Videos

    Epic & Lucky Moments ... Worth the watch ...
  10. Comeing soon SCUM

    That's looking interesting. In like how they're handling the view distance stuff.
  11. Comeing soon SCUM

    This looks interesting, i like there take on camouflage....... www.scumgame.com
  12. Racing Drones

    If anyone is looking for a local supplier, give www.lethalfpv.com.au a go
  13. HaPpY NeW yEaR

    Happy New Year one and all
  14. HaPpY NeW yEaR

    Same to you mate
  15. HaPpY NeW yEaR

    Happy New Year to everyone hope you all have a great day and a safe one looking forward to the new year for everyone All best from the Admins
  16. Merry X-mas

    Merry Christmas Everyone! Stay safe.
  17. PVE Server Shut Down

    Sad news without a doubt, thanks for all the good time lads. Take care. Michael
  18. Merry X-mas

    Merry Christmas and all the best for the holiday period. Stay safe and have fun!
  19. Merry X-mas

    Merry Christmas everyone
  20. PVE Server Shut Down

    Thanks guys
  21. Merry X-mas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Probably not around much from mid Jan until Easter with work but all the best for the future
  22. PVE Server Shut Down

    A real shame but everything has it's day. Too many changes needed in the end. Thanks to all the players who made my life fairly easy over the last 6 months and especially to Jim for all his hard work behind the scenes. Pony
  23. Merry X-mas

    Merry x-mas to all and a happy new year. In 2018 we will be making a lot of changes to the clan as a whole and will be heading in a new direction , will post info after new years and hopefully it will be a great year for us all
  24. PVE Server Shut Down

    Ok guys and girls we have decided that due to lack of donation , players and just no interest anymore the dayz PVE server will be shut down on the 24th Dec 2017. Would like to thanks Jimmy and all the admins for doing a great job running the server and all the players who have enjoyed it , we got to number 1 in oz and stayed there for a long time , great work.
  25. Escape from Tarkov

    Its been fun and frustrating so far. Spending 2-30 min collecting gear to die in 2 seconds can get old fast. Open beta is coming beginning of next year so you can try it then for free
  26. Escape from Tarkov

    Thinking about getting this looks good
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